1 May 2005


all i have to say is...

so long and thanks for all the fish
so sad it had to come to this...

film of hilarity! who's seen it (apart from esther j, with whom i have already discussed it)? i thought that there were bits of absolute gold, although it wasn't the best narrative-wise. dan and eliot and i went to see it last night after spending the day in stratford watching 12th night with margot and aaron... so a good mixture of high art and pop culture. the 12th night production was pretty good - the set and costume design were excellent, and most of the actors were good (sebastian was crap as usual, whereas malvolio was hilarious!)

stratford is cute - lots of white swans, canada geese, normal geese, ducks and DUCKLINGS! we spent a good 20 minutes giggling at their duckling-antics! ... on the way to stratford, we stopped in a tiny village at a pub with a thatched roof and a friendly publican, and cards for card games and a HUGE plunger of coffee. i love english villages. i want one.

in news that might only excite esther von otterpants and sara-jane, i saw the 'best of friends, best of duellists' episode of yugioh yesterday! this is the one in which joey and yugi face off (!) in the final of duellist kingdom... and they have a montage of joey/yugi love accompanied by the song... 'we are closer than brothers, now we have to fight each other' and 'you've always meant the world to me'... a cornicopia of yujou.

today i made pancakes for breakfast - it reminded me of many sundays at home with mum and dad and esther noo, and also the occasional sunday with liz or monique... and you'll be pleased to hear that i had a VEGEMITE CREPE - so multi-cultural, aren't i?

anyway guys, we're off to spain on tuesday, and i don't know if i'll get the time to update before then, so in case you don't hear from us, think of us heading off on our 'proper' trip to europe... continent, here we come!


  1. it is i, the norwegian piano hunter. yes, i! i have been i-ing your blog. well, first i went to danandrachel.blogspot.com and thought it was a bit...pink. THEN i realised i had the wrong address. THEN i checked, and found YOUR blog.

    just want to say...HI. it’s SPRINGY, even in Noruega. i can’t believe you’re not coming to visit my NEW APARTMENT, jen’s bed&balcony at the suburb neatly named GALLOW HILL here in Oslo. close to a suburb: THE FIGHT, and the state prison (another suburb in Oslo worth mentioning: VIOLENT QUARTER). i say SAFETY FIRST, oh yes. i see the queen of hearts right outside my window, out hunting sunday heads and tails.

    for everyone else who might read this blog and remember a noruegian ex-melbournite: my balcony is waiting you, too. at the moment it is used mostly for occasional reading and feels neglected, in fact so neglected i’ve put out a teacup for company.

    it’s got a cigarette in it, too.

  2. hi, jen of norwegia... will be looking out for cheap flights to oslo to visit you. otherwise, i have one word for you (apart from all these other words that are obviously for you, too... although i don't really OWN the words to bestow them apon you...) and that one word, which i'm sure you're waiting for, is


    will we see you there? email us, darlingk!

  3. Hey Jen! (hi dan and rachel also! and elliot if you read this) i should really email you jen, but seeing as i was here i thought i'd say how inviting your balcony sounds... and i second what rachelanddan say when they say SCOTLAND! i will be there also, so i anticipate some sort of musical shananigans of which you should lend your beautiful voice. but after scotland, in a month known as...october, i will be in scandinavia so may see you in your appropriately (?) violently named suburbs.

    ciao for now,
    esther von cello

  4. represent, yo!8:01 am, May 04, 2005


  5. Jonny Switchblade3:13 pm, May 04, 2005

    Yes Yes! I have seen it! Zaphod Beeblebrox did it for me...Oh yes. He had a wonderful coat, pimp-esque sunglasses...and two very amusing heads. Sam Rockwell...GENIUS!Oh, how we did laugh! (He kinda remined me of Vince Noir...Rock and Roll star)
    Did anyone spot the original Marvin the Robot from the ye-olde TV series?

    Jonny S. (He slices, he dices, he even frappes!)

  6. HA! yes, marvin was my FAVE bit, apart from the MOST EXCELLENT song... how i laughed!!! thought the cast was great... perhaps having The Office fed to us via a drip also helped in appreciating the joy that is martin freedman.

  7. Shit pseudonym girl. with the powers of no-name-ness2:09 am, May 06, 2005

    All i have to say of the film is

    the rest was gold, but can i repeat
    tiny steering wheel.

    that is all.
    escpet that i know who represent yo is... i wont tell.

    come back yet be there at the same time, so that we can touch each other in special places and feel continental at the same time...