22 January 2012


Scrolling through my Twitter feed this evening, I read these two pieces back to back. First, a blog post by a young woman whose experience of London continue to be tainted by the bizarre lack of wheelchair access on the tube and in major venues: Wheelchair Access: The WHEEL DEAL by Bunnyaimee. Second, an article in the Guardian about four women who walked the Capital Ring, camping out in green spaces and in strangers' back yards: London Walks: the Capital Ring by Kate Fenhalls. While both stories contain their moments of human kindness, it's pretty shitty that the walking group had an easy time of an unusual experiment, while the ridiculous set-up of the tube means wheelchair users are often unable to even get into town.

17 January 2012


Hello peeps! I hadn't heard of this group before I left Melbourne, but it looks like it could be of interest to some of you: Two Legged Adventures: Melbourne and Beyond. It seems like it could be fun, so long as they don't dwell IRL on all the anti-fat stuff they mention on the website. Anyone want to check them out and report back to me?!