8 February 2010


hello! it's been uncomfortably warm in melbourne over the last month or so, which is not surprising considering it's summer. however, it does mean that our walks have been fewer and shorter. on the 24th of jan we went up to belgrave for a walk in sherbrooke forest (map here). d, j and g had all walked here before, and we took d out on the train - he's just moved from the uk. r and a met us at belgrave station.

as we begin: g, r, a, d & d

the first part was new to us, as we looped east and north from old monbulk rd (near puffing billy) around to grants picnic ground. this section was not as easy as anticipated, with a steep descent near the start and a couple of sustained climbs a little further along. we stopped to rest a few times.

ferns and eucalypts

the steepness combined with the heat sent two of our group out to the road to get a lift. four of us continued on, and from there it was actually much easier walking - less up and down, for sure. there's a nice paddock enclosed by bushland a bit before lyrebird creek, which might be a nice stop for morning tea on a longer walk in the area if you want to avoid the crowds at grants picnic ground.

r & a in a glade

we walked back down coles ridge road and had cake and (iced) coffee at our old haunt - queen of tarts cafe.

red-tipped feather

all in all, it was quite a nice walk. we're heading up there again on sunday if people would like to come!