18 May 2005


just a quickie... and ciao from roma!

our last day in valencia was spent in galleries (good modern art collections, recently restored medieval and renaissance art... still no women artists...), kicking the stone in the park, eating paella and the valencian version, fideua (?), made with noodles instead of rice.

today we had a very pleasant trip to roma, with HELPFUL and NICE ryanair staff, unlike the last flight. about half an hour from rome, however, the pilot/captain gave us a message that our airport was closed, so we were being diverted to leonardo da vinci airport... this was fine with us, because LdV is the main airport, and itś very easy to get to rome from there. so, we landed... and waited... and then we were told that the other airport was about to reopen, so they were going to fly us back over there. there was a lot of cursing going on, and i thought we were about to be caught int he midst of an impromptu italian riot, but then the flight attendants told us that we were actually going to disembark at LdV... so we waited... and then came a very reassuring announcement... THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SPAKING TO YOU FROM THE FLIGHT DECK. DO NOT PANIC. YOU WILL BE DISEMBARKING SHORTLY. WE ARE WAITING FOR THE BUS. FORGET ABOUT THE POLICE.

umm, yep. do not panic and forget about the police??? not really what you want to hear after your plane has been diverted because an airport has been closed for some undisclosed reason... but we got out ok, and eventually collected our luggage, and made it to rome in one piece.

the hostel (yellow hostel) is nice so far - people are friendly, the internet is FREE, beds and rooms are ok, kitchen is clean, and OH. MY. GOD. there is a pizza place on the corner that sells pizza by weight (and i KNOW michelle told us all about this, as did julia and erin, but it is still SO COOL) and the pizza is SO GOOD! we have already eaten there twice. within the space of... i would say... 4 or 5 hours...? we are going to be SO FAT by the end of our stay. thanks so much michelle and charlie for recommending this place!

OK, enough ranting. except to say i am disgustingly excited about the FA cup on saturday... we are going to time our train trip so we will be at our hostel in time to watch it. i have officially been in europe too long, and have been converted... eliot, i hope youŕe pleased with yourself!

hope you are all well, guys!

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