26 January 2006


a reasonable amount of fun was had on tuesday when dan and i were joined by erin, may and katherine on our escapade up the moonee ponds creek. we were blessed with one of those mid-20s, sunny-but-not-too-hot days, with a cooling breeze. the creek was still there, and was only slightly fuller than it had been on christmas day (the last time dan and i made our way to five mile creek reserve).

we stayed pretty much on schedule, making it to cross keys reserve at 12:25 and deciding that it wasn't that attractive... so we retraced our steps to five mile creek reserve (that's my name for the nice patch of green anyway!) and spread out our picnicing blankets and stuffed our faces. on the way back we kept up a steady, brisk pace, and were back home by about 2:20 - ahead of schedule.

items of note: half a shopping trolley filled with boulders; a couple of eels in the creek; ducks and ducklings; a strange man standing on the bridge at cross keys reserve; a very cute yound dog/old puppy that we stopped to pat; the aboriginal heritage art at CKR; erin's pumpkin and coriander muffins; jumping or paddling through the creek on the way home; grilling may about her new walking shoes and her planned walk across spain; sharing travel stories with katherine, who went to europe around the same time as we did...

thanks guys for coming! i hope you enjoyed it. we will keep you all informed as to when the next walk will be - hopefully on a sunday, when more people will be able to join us.


it makes me proud to be australian: a dilapidated white holden just drove past, sporting a large australian flag, and hooting loudly. really, guys, do i care?

happy australia/aboriginal survival/invasion day, all.

22 January 2006


(c) Williams 2006

i'm stealing moments to think of
a boy i never knew
his arms outstretched against the summer skies
dirt knees and an old bike
and a nearly there smile

between the sleeping and the waking
a second when i see his eyes
like sepia or faded colour polaroids
a world stretched out before him
in an album of nearly there times

times when no one can fault him
they don't know what it's like
to be the boy on the nearly there bike
to be the boy with the nearly there life

breaking pictures into pieces
and pieces into sand
the dig for gold goes deeper
into the river bank
the river bed

collating histories for you
- and then she said
- remember when
- you laughed the afternoon away
- the time we had to leave the nectarines unbottled
they melted back into the ground
nearly there, nearly there

and no one can fault you
when they don't know what it's like
to be the boy with the nearly there
to be the boy
nearly there

wrapping all of your collectibles
in cotton wool and tears
your arms stretched thin against the summer skies
small hands and an old bike
and nearly there eyes

17 January 2006


welcome to the brunswick city walkers' society newsletter #1.

heheh, almost had you fooled that i was joking, didn't i?

yesterday dan and i went for a lovely walk. we left the house at 9:30am, greeting the fresh sunny morning with a spring in our step and a mission to find a hat for dan. the hat was found at kmart, barkly square, soon after. we then perambulated along the brunswick streets of barkly, ewing, brunswick (rd) and lygon in the direction of what is now called the capital city trail - the bike/foot path running alongside park st in the line of the old railway. we then proceeded along said trail over nicholson st and st georges rd to rushall station. there we met the merri creek (not the first time we have exchanged pleasantries) crossing and recrossing the water on low wooden footbridges before reaching heidelberg rd. this section was most beautiful - dappled sunlight and the refreshing song of water bubbling over smooth stones. so lovely it was that we have decided we want to move to northcote (or westgarth if we can afford it!) and spend our spare time beside the creek. we emerged from the valley at heidelberg rd, and crossed the bridge (the second of many interesting bridges on our walk!), making our way to yarra bend rd, through the park of the same name, then down past nmit (formerly the fairfield hospital) and to the yarra river and fairfield boathouse. at this fine establishment we partook in devonshire tea (lovely scones, let down by that HORRIBLE squirty-can cream and the presence of - yes, gentle reader! - a teabag!!!). after resting for a time, watching the kayakers fall in the water, and willing the small children to do the same, we retraced our steps towards the merri creek and the capital city trail, heading south onto map 2D. we eventually passed beneath the eastern freeway, stood at the intersection of merri creek and the yarra river, crossed to the western bank, and spent a little while at dights falls - taking our own refreshments and watching a tiger snake trapped in the well of the mill (i never thought i would feel sad for a tiger snake. but who to tell? the council would probably just kill it... but would that be more humane than leaving it to die slowly in its watery cage?). pressing on, we passed through the collingwood childrens farm, which is actually in abbotsford, and (as far as we could see) farms only three small children. there were, on the up side, many cows and goats and sheep and horses and ponies and chooks. still on the capital city trail, we crossed the yarra and climbed up to the ridge in studley park, affording us a fantastic view towards the city and down across richmond towards toorak. soon afterwards, we recrossed the river (yet another bridge!) and arrived on map 2H. from there it was a simple matter of following the path to bridge road, where we emerged at rydges (we are classy).

then we went to visit my grandparents in east kew, and took a taxi home, collapsing into bed at 9:30pm, 12 hours after we left.


second item: in case we have somehow missed you out, we will be hosting a walk up the moonee ponds creek next tuesday, 24th january. arrive at our house at 10:30am for fun and good times. we will have a picnic lunch at cross keys reserve (byo everything, free bbq if you're interested). info as follows:


Approximately 9km return; 2 1/2 to 3hrs.

Very easy; Sealed path.

10:30 Meet at ours.
11:00 Start.
11:30ish Evans St Reserve – water fountain.
12:10ish Five Mile Creek Reserve – free electric BBQ.
12:20ish Cross Keys Reserve – toilet.
1:30ish Start return journey.
2:45ish Back to ours – afternoon tea provided.


Water bottle/s (at least 500mL, preferably 1L)
Comfortable walking shoes (sneakers)
Weather-suitable clothes
Waterproof coat (even if rain is not forecast)
Hat and sunscreen (even if it’s cold)
Lunch and a snack (remember to bring cutlery if you need it)

Beanie and scarf; sunglasses
Insect repellent and bite lotion (we’re not going to the jungle, but there might be mozzies)
Bandaids and disinfectant (just in case)
Book, game, journal, iPod (bring one for me, too!) etc.


in other news, the magpies are warbling at the west brunswick breezes, and my tea is cold.

13 January 2006




Johnson & Williams




you gotst boots
gotst pirate boots from ebay
and i wants them
wants them on my feets
and if you don't want to give them to me
i'm gonna have to make you walk the plank
make you walk the plank!
and the fact that i don't have a ship won't hold me back!!!

i'm going to build myself a galleon
i have a diagram in my book of ships
i'll steal all the wooden fences in my street
and cut down the trees in the park to make a keel
cut down the trees
cut down the trees

and i'll get joe from down the road
who knows a bloke who built a table once
i'll commission them to nail the boards together
into a ship
into a ship
my pirate ship!

and i'll call her the devastator
we'll sail the seven seas
and bring your pirate boots to me!

just outside my window
there are some likely looking telephone poles
in the middle of the night
i'll resource the for my mainmast
for my mainmast
my mainmast

then from my neighbours' washing lines
i'll retrieve a quantity of sheets
even floral ones, but not the fitte ones,
and i'll sew myself some mainsails
and some topsails
and lateen sails
and foresails (sometimes called jibs)
and gaff sails
and all the sails int he world for my ship
for my ship
my pirate ship

and they'll call her the devastator
we'll sail the seven seas
and bring your pirate boots to me!!!

we'll sail
into the bay
on the devastator
say see ya later
to your life
and your boots
you leave me no choice
it's what i have to do
take them off now
and your frock coat, too
and your feathered hat
we won't use that as shark food
i'm sorry
it's come to this
those sharks
look hungry
don't they?

11 January 2006


so, leaving aside my issues with "orange drink" and other slightly misleading labels, and the use of added sugar in juices... WHAT IS THE DEAL with almost all orange juices containing FLAVOUR?!? a typical (sugar-free) ingredients label might read:

orange juice (freshly squeezed and/or reconstituted)
vitamin c

now, i can let them off on the added vitamin c - i mean people EXPECT orange juice to contain a lot of it, so the company is probably required to have a controlled amout in their juice - but, really... flavour? orange flavour?

IT'S ORANGE JUICE! IT'S FUCKING ORANGE FLAVOURED ALREADY! (albatross! allllbatross! it's fucking seabird flavour!) why? what is it about these oranges that mean they don't taste enough like orange and need orange flavouring to make them taste orangey? IT MAKES ME MAD!

anyway - this reminds me of a time i got a banana muttin on special from safeway, and it didn't taste like banana at all. it tasted like banana lollies. sure enough, it had lots of banana flavour in it. yuck. we are breeding a society in which people think orange flavouring tastes more like oranges than oranges do; banana flavouring tastes more like bananas than bananas do... a society of simulacra, if you will.

8 January 2006


Dan's turn for a blog, now.

As you may or may not know, our abode is situated a mere 15 minute walk from Melbourne Zoo.
As you may or may not know, in the summer months (starting from today), the Zoo hosts live music sessions.
As you may or may not know, this years inaugral act is Aussie Beatles tribute band The Beatnix.

I am sitting in front of our computer and can here the concert floating out from the menagerie. It is very strange to hear a live Beatles concert in the air above the streets outide your house.

As you may or may not know, they are currently playing Back In The USSR.

You don't know how lucky you are, boy...

7 January 2006


people, people, people. did you know that we have lurkers, lurking in a lurkerly fashion around this blog? did you know that they are INTIMIDATED by some (such as samsam and johnnyswitchblade - entities who are altogether too fashionably daring and frighteningly witty for their own good) and are thus not leaving comments? at least, that's their excuse. but i think we will all play nice, don't you...?

come out, little louis-rupert. no one will hurt you.



on other notes, i gather that all approximately 4 friends (including dan) have visited me at the tea party. POOR FORM! think of all the great things you will get to be near: tea, for one; me as well; the market (prime target for terrorism in melbourne, my boss told me!); joe's potato and onion type stall out the back (i think he's almost convinced himself that my name is sinead. no, really)... um... the funny fish-smell, and that convenience store that sells little wibbly jelly sweets, like the squishy things from vina-bar. so come and visit. i am next working on thursday.

louis, i expect to see you there. what with the time difference you could even make it home in time for shabbat (or whichever variation on the spelling you prefer).


and an update on the short breakfast: "BREKY," as seen (fashionably misspelled) on a chalkboard for a brunswick st cafe. i have witnesses (esther? julia?).

4 January 2006


i just spent 25 minutes writing a blog, and the computer crashed. genius.

in essence, i was rambling on about a hypothetical situation in which a young couple ("rachel" and "dan") were renting a very small apartment, and wondering whether they should rent a bigger apartment for about $20 more per week, in a location of their choice, with laundry facilities... even if they were looking to buy somewhere and didn't really want to move AGAIN and AGAIN (4 times in one year? nooooooooo!!!)... i was wondering if you, dear reader, had any helpful suggestions for the pair.

my preferred option is for them to settle into their current apartment, obtain furniature (shelves, storage, etc) to suit the dimensions of their place, sell their unwanted stuff on ebay (heehee), create some sort of herb garden in pots on the concrete strip under the desolate washing lines out the back, get a small couch (floomping space)... and keep looking for somewhere to buy.


who'd be grown up, i ask you?