10 May 2005


nope, not briefs...

8th: lazy day. went into city, got magnum icecreams, wandered around port and down beach. MUCH MUCH sunburn and shiny skin and manboob action... some of our friends from the hostel got photos of a GOD in tight white satin hotpants (alejandro!), and we hope they email them to us as promised (the pix, not the hotpants) so we can share the joy. will, are you reading this? ...spent evening as usual, drinking and telling tales. sad to say goodbye to all, but that´s life. HIGHLY recommend home hostel.

9th: train to madrid. very clean, speedy, high security (nothing like VLine!), and had unfriendly staff. the landscape is WEIRD. like the monaro near canberra with a mediterranean going-over. bizarre. madrid is not attractive, either. we got to the hostel - ok, more space in bedrooms, but with a tiny kitchen-living area, full of smokers, very clean luxurious bathrooms (but only 2 in the entire place), and a BIDET in one toilet! BIZARRE!

10th: to Museo del Prado in the morning, after complimentary breakfast (always a bonus). The place is COOL! my personal favourite was the collection of Goya paintings, ranging from still lifes, portraits, to the really creepy dark ones. made me shiver. and shed a tear. they are AMAZING in the flesh - better than in the books, even! dan´s faves were the bosch pix (they call him EL BOSCO!!!)... garden of earthly delights is great, as are the other strange paintings... we think dali is a copy-cat... then back to hostel where rachel slept for a good few hours (how did we ever get this lazy? never going to be able to hold down a job again!!!... unless it´s in spain!). then here, to update and collect emails. we have no idea how much this is costing, so it´s gonna be short.

it has been short.

hi to all, and if you´re reading, leave us a comment - let us know how you all ARE, wenches.


  1. ,,,/\,,,,,,,\o/,,,,

    Help - shark ;O

    Hey guys - _o/ (wave) hope you're having a good time. I have far too much spare time on my hands... hmmm

  2. saint christina the astonishing7:00 pm, May 12, 2005

    hullo!!! spain sounds warm, it is getting all wintry now, autumn is nearly gone. i went to centrelink, if approved i will soon be the proud recipient of $77 per fortnight. i told them i'm crazy, they told me if i got the orange form filled out by a shrink or a gp i wouldn't have to look for 10 jobs a fortnight. i said i will have to anyway, as $77 a fortnight almost covers a week's rent. the bureaucrats tried very hard to press the right buttons to get me the highest rate they could. it is $77. they looked a bit confused and apologetic about it all really. anyhow, i haven't proven to centrelink that i was born yet, or that i have no money, i have to do that by tuesday week or they will reject my application. i just watched the great bookie robbery and have decided to become a bank robber - it's the overalls, i've always wanted a job with overalls.

    big brother has started again. i've been feeling dirty ever since i caught 30 seconds of it the other night. it's really creepy soft porn sort of stuff. i'd feel less weird peeping through people's windows.

    i ate lamb's brain curry today from that indonesian halal cuisine shop on swanston street just up from little bourke. the brain was a bit weird, but the curry was good. i thought it was bits of cauliflower floating around but it was the cerebellum, or whatever the little backbrain bit is called. the chilli potatoes are also excellent. very excellent actually. and you get 3 dishes plus rice for $7.20. i'm sure the shop is a laundering front for something, but then i'm sure everyone's a cop or something so that could just be me!

    our rats would say hello if they had the intellect, but i'll anthropomorphise them a little and pretend they miss you as much as i do. they're very nice, they give us little kisses sometimes, a little weird when a rat unexpectedly sticks it's head in your mouth and starts licking your tongue but i'm sure it's a bonding thing and what am i going to do, bite it? only one of zinoviev's balls has dropped, you can actually see the other one bulging on his belly between his back legs. they've got pretty massive balls, but he doesn't seem to mind only one of them having dropped. he's growing as well, and pushes kamenev around a bit when they playfight now. kamenev just stands up onto his back legs and lets zinoviev push him over, he flops back onto his back and just lays there, and zin will start grooming him. that seems to be what most of their playfighting is about, who gets to lick who! they'll gang up on us if we've got something they want too, they'll cooperate to steal it.

    sorry it was long again :) i'm no good at small chat thingy type conversation things!!

    love youse and hope you're well!!!

    esther the rat woman

    p.s. we're thinking of getting females, breeding them and selling the babies to pet shops for pets and snake food. pets that are useful and nutritious!

  3. spain? who ever heard of such a thing? are there clash lyrics lying about? if not why not?
    I am chilly but it is good, i laugh at yr sunshiney-ness as the fuckers slowly trail away from the fish and chippery and i apply for stupid mind numbing jobs at stupid mind numbing places..
    It all sounds too beautiful. i have decided that you two are to stop washing, so that when we return we can have a good old asexual rub down so i too can smell of Europe.. good idea?