27 May 2005


so, tuscany... we remember those days with joy and fondness... on wednesday we wandered down to the market with tina, and picked up some tomatoes, cheese, bread and cute italians (ok, the last one maybe not...) for a wonderful FEASTY LUNCH. it was feasty. we had bread, 3 cheeses, tomatoes and fresh herbs for starters, followed by chickpea salad (ah, how we have missed it!) and our wine from Luca, then pasta with delicious saucy sauce and more of the wine... mmm.

that day a couple of americans arrived, and - Will, Charlotte, Stephanie, other Barcelona guys - we think they are in training for the Alejandro look-alike competition... seriously. one of them kept playing pink floyd (not particularly well) on the guitar, and i think it was just an excuse to sit around topless and check out his own muscles. they also called emma (from the hostel, she is all of 27) "ma'am"... hilarious!

also with us were a few brits, and we managed to drag pretty much the entire hostel down to the bar to watch the UEFA champions league final... which was HILARIOUS. there were goals, there were miraculous comebacks, there was a WEIRD GOALIE who did some sort of circus trick during the penalties... really, the only thing that could improve it would be MORE DEFENSIVE WALLS. there were not nearly enough... and on the way home we saw more fireflies.

and then yesterday we came to venice. we really havenàt seen much of it because weàre staying in a camping ground outside of it... and our shuttle bus just left without us, because it was full. we have to wait an hour for the next one. i am very pissed off. also crap about this place: the toilet exploded when dan flushed it; the cabin is REALLY hot (but it has aircon, so it's OK); it is RIGHT NEXT TO THE AIRPORT (i feel like iàm in The Castle!); basically it's crap. Dan thinks i'm being melodramatic. GOOD things include... a pool (and a very nice pool at that); and these weird alien-head structures that we THINK people sleep in (???); the weather is still BEAUTIFUL! so, it's all TOTALLY CRAP. can you tell?

anyway, thanks for leaving messages etc. can't wait to see you all. especially if you're offering us a bathroom that works... ah, remember those days of australian showers that weren't temperamental, and australian toilets that didn't explode??? hopefully venice itself will be nice. when and if we get there. the 50 metres of it we saw yesterday were pretty.


  1. sam the musical fruit11:06 pm, May 27, 2005

    You spend five minutes in Europe and you're talking soccer like a soccer talking guy (unless whoever wrote about defensive schmoodlies was dan, but still... shut up.)
    Gard, Italy sounds boring, did you still David's manly phallus in the Vatican?
    other questions will not follow.
    (not drinking italian wine, still drinking)

  2. it's not SOCCER sam, what are you, american?!?!? you are one of those people who phone home to ask if your boyfriend wants one of the JEN-YOO-WINE SOCCER JERSEYS you saw for 10 euro at the market, aren't you? there were indeed defensive schmoodlies. they were hilarious. see you soon. we have the italian sun in our skins. we will smuggle it back, if it lasts through england!

  3. oh the lovely camping alba d'oro or whatever the not-so-like-the-website-pictures caravan park is called... it brings back fond (??!!) memories of a shower that NEVER heated up(crap bc it was abt 5degrees when we were there)..a shuttle bus that WASNT running (because it was the freezing cold off season) and a pool, cafe and shop also not open (same reason..the website neglected to inform us of this fact..)..twin beds in the cabin..those crazy alien heads/space pods..and that highway to deal with if you actually want to catch the bus or go to the nearest restaraunt/random casino thing...ah the serenity...

  4. jeez, you could have TOLD us about this!!! at least we were there in summer! yeah, strongly advise ppl to pay the extra euros and stay in the city.