31 July 2006


over the hill and far away
the mother duck said, quack quack quack quack
but only two little ducks came back

i thought this song was the saddest song EVAH, when i was a kid... with one exception:

Hush-a-bye, don't you cry,
Go to sleepy little baby,
When you wake, you shall have
All the pretty little horses.
Blacks and bays, dapples and greys,
Go to six-a white horses,
Hush-a-bye, don't you cry,
Go to sleepy little baby...

for no particular reason, this lullaby made me cry EVERY TIME I HEARD IT!!! but i still liked hearing it. we'd sing "when you wake, you shall have..." though on the net the line is "when you wake, you'll have cake..." and where i hear "go to six-a" the lyric is "coach and six-a". excuse me while i kiss this guy.

there is another verse i never knew until i googled it just then:

Way down yonder, down in the meadow,
There's a poor wee little lamby.
The bees and the butterflies pickin' at its eyes,
The poor wee thing cried for her mammy.

NO WONDER I CRIED!!! what an eeevil nursery rhyme!

however... i was just going to say something like: why is they all be overseas? erin and michelle and julia and rachel and ross. all overseas.

but enough of this whining (is that the correct spelling?). dan and i will be in ingerland in october for 3-4 weeks, and we have started looking/booking accommodation for our walk along the thames. we decided long ago that we wanted it to be a bit special, and we wantedt o stay in B&Bs so we didn't have to carry tent and/or sleeping bags. and also, there aren't many other options in the area. and we love B&Bs. so it will be expensive accommodation, but we will be doing lots of free stuff during the day, so it will be LOVELY!

night one: kemble
night two: cricklade
night three: lechlade
night four: tadpole bridge
night five: northmoor
night six: oxford (haven't chosen a place yet)

we will arrive in london on the friday, and train over to kemble on the monday, do a bit of a walk - up to the thames head (source) and have a poke around the area, and generally enjoy being relaxed. we'll leave oxford and go back t london on the sunday. we also have a day-long walk (approk 10mi) planned for one of london's green belts - hopefully we can convince some of dan's family to come along.

ok, off to do some actual work, and a load of washing (got to wash our new quilt cover before putting it on our new doona and sleeping under it and on top of our new sheet on our new bed! so much new stuff!).

19 July 2006


this has to be my website of the day

send an email to your future self!

it's actually a strange thing to do - it sent me into a fit of melancholy and made me realise just how chaotic life is. i chose to send to january 2009, when i should be almost finished with my PhD...

17 July 2006


You are cordially invited to join us in our new home
From 2pm on Sunday 23rd July
For an afternoon tea of various consumable treats (all vegetarian: vegans and coeliacs also catered for)

There will be socialising and merrymaking throughout the afternoon and into the early evening
Please feel free to bring yourselves, your partner/friend, your drink of choice (tea, coffee and non-alcoholic beverages provided), and a happy disposition!

For more information (address, dress code, and secret password) email, text and/or give us a call.


In very recent news (two updates on our thrilling lives in one day!) Julia just called us from the train station in Firenze (wanker!Florence), where she was waiting to board a train to a place without the euro – Slovenia! It was great to hear from her, and we are envious-o-rama of her time being a WOOFer in Tuscany!


yesterday dan and i had our 4 year anniversary. it was spent drinking tea and having a leisurely stroll along the merri creek, in cool cloudy weather. walked to the fairfield boathouse with my parents, and ate scones with jam and cream. mmm. and then went to my grandparents' place for my aunt's 50th birthday (dad's side). played music with cousins, ate delicious food (oh, lovely, lovely cheese!), and chatted with family. in the evening we went to the cinema to see pirates of the carribean: dead man's chest with the parents, esther j and her housemates etc. yay for that!

one year ago, we celebrated our... ummm... three year anniversary (!) driving to wales via whitehorse, reading harry potter 6, eating delicious breakfasts at the b&b, walking the brecon beacons in the hot and sunshiney weather... wonder what next year will bring?!

11 July 2006


so. over the last week, i have lost TWO BEANIES.

careless? yes. annoyed? yes.

one of them i have had for over 2 years - the blue stripey one with ear covers. hardcore. from an outdoors shop. went all the way around europe with me, through heat and cold, wind and rain, across many a border. only to be left on the tram last thursday.

the other was new. yes, new! i bought it from target, on special. grey and wool, with a peak. just like i've always wanted. left on tram this morning.

yeah, i know. i should pay more attention to where i put my belongings. my bad.

but what really pisses me off is that, in both instances, there were people sitting next to/opposite me, and not one person either noticed or told me i'd dropped it or left it behind. not one. i don't get it. if someone drops something, i always run after them and hand it back - a wallet, a scarf, their pants, their boyfriend, doesn't matter: i'm after them!

i guess i should get off my lazy bum and call yarra trams and see if either of them have been handed in. but if they weren't turned in, i would be even more pissed off with fellow tram-users. and if they were, well, i'd have to go and pick them up or something, which is far more boring than actually buying another one.

maybe someone on scroungey centrelink payments picked them up and now has a warm head. in that case, good. but really, all you people on the tram - I HOPE YOU DROP SOMETHING REALLY IMPORTANT ONE DAY AND NOBODY TELLS YOU! actually, i don't. i hope you leave something behind today, and I pick it up and give it to you, and you recognise me as the person who you didn't think was worth the effort of saying, "oh, you dropped this," or "excuse me, is this yours". and i hope you feel guilty! FOREVER!!!

10 July 2006


no, really.

i had a dream that i was derrida, and that i/we was part of some spy/gambling network. my/our job was to get agents out of trouble, which they seemed to get into fairly frequently. it so happened that my/our good pal, wittgenstein was in deep waters - i think he stole a horse, or paid off a trainer or jockey for something - and was being pursued by some black-clad louts. as wittgenstein and i/we were (hush-hush) ex/lovers, the job of getting him out of danger was fraught not only with logistical, but emotional obstacles. luckily, we found a room (like the room of requirement) in the creative arts building (something like a mixture of levels 1 and 3, also with heavy velvet drapes and a 4 poster bed...)

i love dreams!

i LOVE wittgenstein!!!

4 July 2006


i'm just amused that there are so many options... i thought there were only geeks, jocks and smokers. must be from a small town, huh?

You scored as Drama nerd.

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