29 April 2005



crepes, crepes, crepes!!! if there is one thing in london that you HAVE to do, it's go to the hampstead creperie (just down from the station, near a pub) and GORGE. really. really. good. i had a mushroom and garlic cheese one, and for under £4 it was a DELICIOUS meal! they also have sweet ones - eliot had a belgian chocolate and nut one, and it was yum, too!

if you want to make it a sunday of gastronomic delight, start at camden market in the morning: coffee and whatever from a cafe for breakfast/morning tea, little nibbles from the stalls (so much food, so little stomach-space) as you wander around and get lost in the alleys and lanes, browsing through clothes, furniature, knick-knacks, shoes, soaps, disco-balls, goths, hippies, haberdashery, souvenirs (better than the vic market for shopping, but not for vegies etc) ... then head to hampstead for a 4 o'clock mystery meal. yum. yum. yum.


then to pub for drinks, and maybe even some form of football if you're lucky. otherwise, there's always snooker. (yep. televised snooker... much to my shame i have watched quite a lot of football and snooker. blame eliot.)

yum. see you later.

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