22 December 2011


Here are some mushrooms, toadstools and fungi that we saw on our walk from High Barnet to Cuffley on the 17th of November.

You can see more photos of fungus here.

I'll post an update about that walk at some point in the not too distant future!

15 December 2011


We've uploaded some more photos to Flickr for your enjoyment.

On the 2nd of November, we went for a little local walk to check out some parks we hadn't visited before: Brent Park and Hendon Park.

Brent Park, autumn
At Brent Park, Dollis Brook feeds into a pond - formerly part of a lake that possibly acted as a duck decoy (hence the nearby Decoy Avenue, I suppose).

River Brent watchtowers 1
At the southern end of Brent Park, Dollis Brook/River Brent flows between these two structures. Not entirely sure what they are.

I liked this street sign.

Autumn walk in Hendon Park
Lovely autumn colours in Hendon Park.

On the 13th of November, we went for an impromptu trip to Moat Mount Open Space and wandered around the fields and woods for a couple of hours.

Morning path
The morning light was gorgeous!

Green track
There were so many inviting paths... This one led down between horse paddocks.

Waymarker and permissive path notice
Waymarker and permissive path sign. They close these paths one day a year so there can't be a future claim of continuous use.

Moat Mount pond
The wonderfully named Leg of Mutton Pond.

On the 15th of November, we went for a walk with a Ramblers group around Hampstead Heath:

Setting off
We were a bit overdressed in comparison - one of the group did say they were happy to see the serious hikers were joining them!

Golders Hill Park?
Golders Hill Park.

At the top of Parliament Hill
At the top of Parliament Hill. We had a good time checking out the view and watching someone try to fly a kite in the wind. We saw The Shard for the first time.

Crepes at Hampstead
Others went for a pub lunch in Hampstead, but one of the reasons we did this walk was to have an excuse to re-visit our old favourite: La Creperie de Hampstead!

We've done several other walks and trips around the area, too. Stay tuned for further updates!