28 February 2006


this morning i woke up beside my beautiful, snuggly dan. it was great! when we opened the curtains, we were greeted by gorgeous clear skies and steamed-up windows (not for the reason you're thinking, either)... upon opening the windows we discovered the crystal chill of autumn air. autumn has come a day early.

this weather is quite a change from sydney - hot and humid one day, warm and humid the next, humid and raining the day after. and why was i in sydney? you may well ask! i went up for work: we had a stall at the gift and homewares trade show in olympic park (i.e. where people go to sell to businesses). it was our first fair, and the stall looked amazing - so amazing that we won the best new exhibitor award (all credit going to people other than me - i had nothing to do with it, i only stood around looking pretty and selling tea!). i also had a little bit of spare time on sunday night, so i visited sarah and philip (dad's sister and her husband), where i was fed delicious foods and enjoyed the company of non-selling-obsessed people for a few hours... the fair was a fantastic experience, but REALLY INTENSE.

also, i stayed at the ibis hotel in olympic park (O.P. IS SCARY), where the air-conditioner only goes down to 18 degrees, and turns off if you open the window. there was a photo of two half naked men above my bed. they were grappling on the floor. "wrestling" i believe it's called. much bulging of muscles and closing of eyes in... "concentration."

i love flying. leaving sydney last night, the plane climbed into some low cloud, and the low-lying sun lit up the fluff with oranges and pinks. i wouldn't have been surprised if a couple of little cupids had appeared beside my window. it was like falling through a painting. when we banked around and sunk towards tullamarine, the sun was huge and orange on the horizon. it disappeared in our final descent, and by the time i left the airport in the taxi, there was little more than a smidgin of yellow-green to the west...

and now i'm home for a few days, before gallivanting off to east gippsland with esther j for a concert we're playing...

i'll have to get as much snuggling with dan as i can before he leaves for sth africa on sunday.

24 February 2006



(entry behind chemist via wood st)

this SATURDAY 25th february.

our friends are MOVING OUT (going overseas indefinitely) and MUST SELL all this stuff!


so make your way over there during the day on saturday and check it out. there is SO MUCH STUFF... so much GOOD stuff, most importantly!

22 February 2006


so many things are happening.

erin and julia leave for the world in a couple of weeks.

esther j is moving for ascot vale (or is it travancore?) on the weekend.

theresa and nathan have recently welcomed their baby to this life.

sara-jane and i are both back at uni doing masters degrees.

esther o'r-dg (!!!) is settling into her teaching job.

may is soon going to spain with her dad to walk a pilgrimage trail.

rachel b is planning her trip to the USA, or is she planning fame and glory? or both?

i am going to sydney for work on the weekend.

esther j and i are going to east gippsland to play music for people the weekend after.

on that weekend, dan is also leaving for south africa - his cousin is getting married, and he will be away for about 2 1/2 weeks (*pouts*)

there will come a day when i will have space to think. BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY!

13 February 2006



dan and rachel are in the process of buying an apartment in thornbury, right near the merri creek and the lygon st tram!

DETAILS: 2 bedrooms, gas heating and cooking, a bath with shower, laundry facilities in bathroom, decent sized lounge with balcony, off street parking, security entrance... it is tenanted until june. our settlement is on 11th june, and we will move in shortly after!

we have a building inspection at 5pm today (my uncle leigh is doing us a great favour), and will then go to the real estate agent's office and give him ALL OUR MONEY as a deposit!!! and also, quite probably, our souls.

for pics, check out dan's site (link on right) and click on the link called "HOME"...


5 February 2006


Here I am, blogging it up again. You can probably tell that I’m typing offline in a word document, because capital letters are making appearances at the starts of sentences. And ‘sentences’ is spelled correctly. Not spelt. No, no, no.

Yesterday (Saturday) I went to work, which was OK apart from a couple of FERAL children. I worked with Julie (the owner) and Anita. Anita has only just started working at the Tea Party, and also works at Kathmandu. I hope that means good advice on packs and walking gear… and maybe a discount?! We got 4 new teas in on Friday – Turkish Honey Rooibos (3.5 stars in my out-of-5 subjective judgement), Blood Orange (flavoured black tea, 3 stars), Strawberry Sencha (decaf green tea, 4 stars), and Springtime (herbal with liquorice, mint, lemongrass, ginger and lemon peel, 4.5 stars). I have discovered the BEST eggplant dip in the market, at the shop diagonally opposite the place where we get our wraps and boreks. So I have eaten a lot of eggplant dip, which, teamed with their WONDERFUL felafel balls, makes a very, very, VERY yummy lunch.

While I was feasting on dip, Dan was out and about, paying rent and looking at apartments. Well, one apartment. It was in Flemington, and was quite nice, if a little "nice" in tones of beige. Fully renovated, with some rather bizarre nooks and spaces. It is a block of 6, and 3 are for sale – makes me wonder. It is right near the racecourse, so plenty of fun in spring…

After work, we met Esther J and Rachel B at Ripe, on St Georges Rd, and had a drink before heading to the Moroccan Soup Bar. YES! After years of trying, Dan and I finally made it. The food was absolutely delicious: favourites being the chickpea bake (it had yoghurt and paprika and parsley and pita bread (yep!) and some sort of delicious-making-stuff in it to make it delicious) and the tomatoey rice with eggplant. Also didn’t mind the sweets. Or the dips. In fact, it was all great! We had a banquet for $16.50 each, and left very satisfied. YUM. YUM. YUM!

Today Dan worked, and I met Paulina (who works with me at the Tea Party) to go for a walk. We met at the corner of Glenlyon Rd and Lygon St, walked over to the Merri Creek, and along the bike trail to Lake Reserve in Coburg (I figure it’s about 9 or 10 km from my door). The walk was very lovely, though a bit over-populated with Sunday strollers/cyclists/joggers/dog-walkers in some places. We saw a bike race at the Brunswick Velodrome – a first for us both! – and landed at Lake Reserve in the middle of a Greek festival, with dancing, music and food. We ate our picnic lunch while watching the dancers, then wandered up the hill to lay in the sun/shade and read (Paulina: Voltaire, Rachel: textbook on semiotics). Took the tram back down Sydney Rd, where we parted ways, and I had a fossick in Savers. (Let’s just say that I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS. But it was only $1.99, and I got a 20% discount, so it was very worthwhile. If I ever find a use for it, I’ll be sure to inform you!)

Next week, Dan has Tuesday and Wednesday off, so we’re going to visit a couple of apartments in Coburg for a squiz. Hope everyone is well and enjoying whatever weather you’re having (ours is lovely). Cheerio.

2 February 2006


we didn't get that apartment... i've taken the link down, so it won't taunt me!

what i DID buy today is a marvellous t-shirt: "ladies sewing circle and terrorist society." it is very cool! and, as the heading tells me, cheaper than an apartment.

now, onto more househunting and dissertation research...

1 February 2006


Soooo... we are putting in an offer for an apartment in Northcote. Tomorrow. Eek.

You can have a look at it: on the right hand side of this page, there is a link called "Will We Own This Soon?"... Click on it, and be transported into the future home of us. Maybe.

Wish us luck.