31 January 2008


I have booked a return to LA - leaving at 12 midday from Melbourne on 26th April. Arriving 12:30 in the afternoon in LA . . . ON THE 26TH OF APRIL! Only takes half an hour, apparently! On the way back I leave LA on the 16th and arrive in Melbs on the 18th of May.

There will be a few days in LA before I fly to Vancouver - staying with Rohan, and meeting up with an internet friend. Yay for meeting people! I am going to be so social!

I'll keep people updated as travel plans are made and finalised. I must get my travel insurance sorted. I check with my doc yesterday and he said I didn't need any immunisations. . . though . . . rabies? Can you get shots for that? Do they have rabid bears in Canada? I think that if I would be more worried about the bear than about the rabies in that case.

23 January 2008


Why are flights to Canada SO DAMN EXPENSIVE?! The cheapest way I can do this trip is to get a return to LA, then separate flights LA to Vancouver, Vancouver to Toronto, Toronto to LA. And even then it's going to be over $3000 including taxes.

If I fly direct, it's going to be $3500+.

Sheesh. Uni better pay for some of this.

20 January 2008

UK08 Preparation Walk 2

Last Wednesday, Sajee, Es, Dan and I headed to the Dandenongs for a walk through national park and the arboretum. There were lots of trees:

We have been doing a walk every month in preparation for our trip to the UK in September, when we are going to walk half of the Ridgeway (some of us with packs). We were pretty exhausted after 10 kms, so we obviously need the training (we’ll be walking 15 kms / 10 miles a day, approximately).

Actually, we were doing pretty well until the last 2 km, which was all uphill. And up a slope like this:

No wonder we had to help each other out:

But the view was worth it:

Pictorial evidence can be found at the other end of the rainbow. See also Essie’s pics.

14 January 2008


finally! we've got around to changing the name of the blog - only 9 months or so after i officially changed my name to jonathan. but having my old name on it was deterring me from using and updating the blog, so i thought i should fix it up.

anyway, our travel plans for 2008 are as follows:

canada: jonathan has been accepted into transsomatechnics, a conference to be held in vancouver in early may. he is planning to spend 5 days or so in vancouver, then head to toronto for a week or two to meet some friends.

uk: after the loveliness of the thames walk, we decided to do some more! our friends sajee and es are coming with us, and we're planning to walk the ridgeway north of the thames. jonathan and dan will be in the uk for about 4 weeks, and we plan to catch up with stacks of friends, and also do a bit of walking in cheshire/north wales.

walking: in the lead-up to this walk, we'll be doing some shorter walks with sajee and es around melbourne to get into the swing of things (and because we like walking!) we're planning on walking in the dandenongs, wilsons prom, and other locations.

holland: this is sneaking in, though it might not be until january 2009 that we're there, but my grandfather has offered to pay for the family to fly to holland (ameland) for a reunion-type thing! i am thrilled by this, though a little concerned about the COLDNESS!

so, let's hope you hear more from us in 2008 than you did in 2007. please let people know that the address for this blog has changed, too!