27 June 2011


Yesterday we bought our WWOOF membership! Now it's time to start seriously thinking about where we'd like to go and what we'd like to do. Have you done any WWOOFing, friends? What did you like/dislike? Any tips for finding, booking, and getting on with hosts? Any suggestions about dealing with your personal requirements (e.g. diet) or avoiding people who don't like your kind (e.g. queers)? I'M EXCITED! :D

16 June 2011


Today I went and picked up a package from the Post Office. Inside was pretty much all the paperwork I sent for my visa application (they kept copies of only a few key documents) and my passport with a brand new visa inside! It's valid from the end of September 2011 to December 2013, multiple entries allowed, no recourse to public funds. It unfortunately lists me as "Sex: F", but then, that's what matches my passport. I'm just pleased to have it in my possession!

2 June 2011


A couple of people have privately asked about what you need to submit for a UK settlement visa application. I thought I'd record what we've sent off to give others an idea. Here is the (slightly abridged) list of the forms and docs we sent.


1. Application forms: VAF4A and passport-sized photograph; VAF4A Annex (ELT).

2. Identification: My current and previous passports; my current birth certificate; copies of DB's passports.

3. Personal statements and letters of support: Personal statements from me and DB, outlining the history and meaningfulness of our relationship and some of our plans for the future; Supporting letters from two friends and my parents vouching for the sincerity and longevity of our relationship.

4. Details of joint commitments: Title and homeloan details for our flat; joint and bank statements going back to 2004 (one per year); copies of our wills made out to each other (& our families).

5. Evidence of cohabitation: Copies of both our drivers licences showing the same current address; Bills, invoices and receipts linking us to the same address going back to 2005 (one per year).

6. Details of our financial situation, accommodation and potential for employment in the UK: Financial plan drawn up by our financial adviser; Statements for our joint and individual bank accounts for each of the past 6 months; Both our payslips for the last 3 months; Evidence of enrollment letter from my uni; Both our CVs; Letter of invitation from DB's parents for us to stay with them (including photos of the room); Proof that DB's parents own the house in which we will stay.

7. Further supporting evidence that we have been in a relationship akin to marriage and have been cohabiting since 2002: Copies of photographs of us together with explanations of where we were and what we were doing; Photocopies of postcards, wedding invitation and thank-you cards addressed to us both.


You are meant to send in the original and a photocopy of every piece of evidence you submit. I sent my parcel off yesterday - it weighed over 1.3kg! I used Australia Post's Platinum Express (the visa people don't accept registered post), which cost me about $30 (including self-addressed return bag). I used the tracker this morning to see it safely delivered to the Sydney GPO Box Centre. Now it all gets shipped off to Manila to be processed.

And we wait . . . eep!