26 December 2005


a. the cricket was rather boring. slow. australia won the toss and elected to bat, so we didn't see much of them. ponting made a century, hayden took about fifteen hours to make something like 80 runs... in case any anti-cricket people read this and scoff that cricket is always boring, well... in this case it was, and if you happened to catch a day like this on tv or radio then you would think that cricket is always boring. so. boring.

b. sat near rowdy group of yobbos (young yobbos) who alternated their chants between "aussie, aussie, aussie, oi, oi, oi" (on the odd occasion that hayden hit the ball) and "you are a wanker" (to pretty much anything at the mcg) and "skollskollskoll" (to members of their sect) and "wwwoooooaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrritrirrr" (to any female-type humanoid in their bleary line of vision), occasionally interspersing them with the time honoured "you're going home in the back of a divvy van" and "bay thirteen are wankers" (the sentiment i agree with, but in this case its a bit of a pot/kettle situation), the alarming "she sucks all the boys" (at which point i decided i didn't really like being in that area any more), and the always amusing "we want a streaker". at one point i wa fascinated to hear "wanna see the cops kiss", and thought all my suspicions about male sports fans and repressed homosexual desires were wrong, and that those desires were actually manifesting around me. alas, the police officers were both female (not that i mind the idea of women loving women in uniform). oh, and also one fist fight, into which came a few baton-weilding keepers of the peace... yuck.

c. despite sitting under shade for most of the day, and applying sunscreen and wearing a hat, i have been pinkened. yes! pinkened!

d. i bought some chips, which were delicious. the person in front of me bought a 600ml bottle of water. for THREE DOLARS AND NINETY CENTS!!!!!

... on the plus side, there are at least two more days of the test, and i could go to both to see if the game can redeem itself... mmm, cricket!

21 December 2005


i don't make new year's resolutions, and if i happen to break the habit this time round i certainly won't be writing them up here where everyone can see them, and mock me mockingly if i don't keep to them.

thank you

15 December 2005


it's that time of year, when you suddenly realise that christmas is not actually 'a couple of weeks away'... it's NEXT WEEKEND. and then you think about all those good intentions you had of sending cards to everyone, especially to your friends OS, and the dreadful knowledge creeps over you that the cards will NEVER get there on time, and you are doomed - DOOMED! - to the pits of hell for your slatternly behaviour.

on a more positive note - i got the scholarship! so i will be rich, RICH i tell you!... well, at least i won't be starving.

a wattle bird landed on the rosemary bush outside our window, and as the rosemary bush is rather small, and the wattlebird rather large, it fell off. but all is well, as it then turned its attentions to the paperbark tree, and hung upside down for a time to regain its composure.

other news? oh, the house was sold to someone with more money than us - damn them! so we are looking around for another place in the area... one day, one day!

dan and i are about to enter the sixth tier of hell, known to others as 'christmas retail,' so your thoughts, prayers and/or condolances will be much appreciated!

6 December 2005


as far as i can tell, i'm the only person i know who has a phobia of steve martin. it is, as all phobias tend to be, a slightly irrational fear... the threat steve martin poses to me is far smaller than the fear i have of him. i examined this fear the other night, and this song emerged. (it has backing vox, in brackets, too!!!)



dear steve
i don't like you (ooo wah-ooo wah-ooo)
in fact i despise you (steve)
they say all these things about you
you're talented (talented)
intelligent (intelligent)
but you're american
i hate your voice, your smirk, your smile
i hate your hair - it's too damned white

steve (steve)
i don't like you (no, no, no, she doesn't like you, no, no, no)
in fact despise you (steve)
they say all these things
they say you're funny but you're not
i heard a twelve year old girl say she thought you were hot (oh no)
please steve, get off my tv, get out of the movies
go and play golf or something
somewhere (somewhere)
i don't have to hear of you ever again (shoobee doowee doowop)

please steve, i'm begging you
begging you to go and do
something that doesn't require you to be seen by me
you're giving me nightmares (nightmares)
your horrible white hair (white hair)
your hideous smirking sneer
(wah-ooo) you're old and ugly
(wah-oo) you're worse than bill murray
(wah-ooo) at least he's funny
sometimes (sometimes)

get off (get off, get off) the magazines
get off (get off, get off) the tv
get off (get off, get off) the movies
before i hurt your feelings

steve (steve)
i don't like you (no, no, no, she doesn't like you, no, no, no)
in fact i despise you


pretty mean, aren't i?

1 December 2005


muchas flores: rosario
it's gonna be alright: gerry and the pacemakers
diamonds on the soles of her shoes: paul simon
the way you dream: michael stipe & asha bhosle
clandestino: manu chao
who needs forever?: astrud gilberto//theivery corporation
be careful what you pray for: vika & lynda
eireann: afro celt sound system release
stuff and nonsense: missy higgins
the badger: the tea party
baby please: johnnie johnson
bei mir birst du schon (means that you're grand): the andrews sisters
lafayette: hot lips page
see-line woman: nina simone//masters at work
electric blue: the cranberries
rainyday: emaline delapaix
love is a place i dream of: luka bloom
truth: neil finn
last train to clarksville: the monkees
skye waulking song - chuir m'athair mise dhan taigh charraideach (my father sent me to a house of sorrow): capercaillie


what are the hallmarks of a great mixed cd? it all depends on the purpose - who is it for? what do you want to say? when and were will it be played?...

when i get a mixed cd, i really like it if the mixer has chosen some songs that i am familiar with but don't have, some styles of music i like and some that i don't usually listen to. i am a big fan of lyrics and vocals, so i like it if i can hear what is being said. conversely i also like songs in languages other than english. i don't like getting mixed cds that only reflect the mixer's tastes. sometimes i am guilty of this myself.

in this case, the cd is for my new place of work: a boutique tea shop at the vic market. the vibe is slightly chilled, slightly left of mainstream. the music needs to be smooth and easy to listen to but not tackily so, relaxed and chilled but not morose. the other cds in the shop include dido, moby, many chillout sessions, the new madonna album, another mixed cd i made... (you can see the track listing to that on sam's blog - click on the link at the side>>)

what do you think of my mix? what do you like in a mixed cd? what do you put on a mixed cd?