22 November 2005


so i've noticed recently a plethora of spellings for the short version of BREAKFAST... i wonder which one is right?


BREAKY - looks like it should be pronounced BRAKE-ey, as in "ach[e]y breaky heart"
http://www.touristaustralia.com.au/online/tao.cgi?ct=bnb&md=second&id=161 ...is a bed & BREAKY
http://www.cdten.com.au/product_info.php/cPath/29/products_id/2175 ...lists achy BREAKY heart

BREAKKY - this was on a chalkboard outside a cafe, and also contained the plural of coffee: COFFEE'S (the rampant apostrophe's are taking over) (i feel i should add [sic] in there!)... but mispellers everywhere have embraced it:

BREAKKIE - i just think there are too many letters here.

BREKKIE - if the age epicure uses it, then it must be right, yes?
my only issue with this one is that it doesn't include the 'ea' of the original word... but then i guess we don't really think of BREAKFAST as 'breaking the fast' any more, so maybe it's ok... although my tinly little pocket oxford dictionary/thesaurus says that BREAKFAST is the first meal of the day... i guess that means even if the first meal is blatantly lunch?

BREKKY - random spelling? http://www.eatability.com.au/au/sydney/brekky.htm
or is it, too embraced by the age? http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2003/09/15/1063478120508.html?from=moreStories


i don't know what it's going to be... i think my votes are with BREAKY (despite the billy ray thing) and BREKKIE, but i think the spelling might just be like BREAKFAST itself. BREAKFAST might be the first meal of the day, technically, but that doesn't stop you from having A BREAKFAST in the afternoon after having elevenses in the morning. i often have A BREAKFAST for lunch at a cafe (eg eggs, mushies, etc), but i don't usually have A BREAKFAST for BREAKFAST (i have leftovers - one of my fave BREAKFASTS is leftover fried rice. sometimes i make fried rice for dinner just so i can have leftovers for BREAKFAST!).


anyway, enough with the CAPITALS! i look forward to reading your opinions.

20 November 2005


and look what happened!!!

Judith Butler
You are Judith Butler! Your postmodern queer theory
has shaken up people's ideas of gender,
sexuality, and sex. Your work has blurred lines
between what it means to be a womyn and what it
means to be a man. Queens and transbois all
over the world worship your Birkenstocks!

Which Western feminist icon are you?
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who are you?

14 November 2005


i can't live in these conditions
i'm going mad
at its height our love was like
the best lunch break i've ever had
but i'm handing in my name tag
my hard hat
i should have done it sooner
i'm giving you my two weeks notice
and i'm calling int he union
i'm bringing back the eight hour day
and equal work for equal pay

your reformist peak performance
steals away my soul
this workplace is packed with faces
but i still feel so alone
so i'm cutting off the dial tone
hang up the phone
i should have done it sooner
i'mgiving you my two weeks notice
and i'm calling int he union
i'm bringing back the eight hour day
and equal work for equal pay

and i see you staring dismally
and i won't bring yu up for unfair dismissal
you se i know the contract's run its course
and you know i don't endorse
your unpaid overtime direction
and your commission-based affections

i'm handing in my two weeks notice
this love affair's over

10 November 2005


so, we decided since we had jobs we should start asking about home loans...

mecu (our credit union) said that the minimum deposit was 4% GENUINE SAVINGS. in this case, genuine savings means that you have to have had an INCOME and ACTIVELY SAVED this money over a period of 3-6 months. we have 4% saved, but haven't been SAVING it - it's just there. so no good for us.

cba (second most hated institution after centrelink on my scale) said that we didn't have a telephone banking password and so we had to set one up before they transferred us to the home loan people... who cut us off.

anz (apparently the most favourite home loaners in the universe if you believe their ads) said that the deposit was 5%, and could be a gift (though we'd have to sign a declaration), and part time work was ok (bet you'd have to sign a declaration) but that casual employees (that's me) were the spawn of satan and they'd have nothing to do with me.

westpac (i talked to patricia and bruce!) were as friendly as a bank can be - did all the guestimating for us over the phone, said casual work was ok if it was permanent, said the 5% GENUINE SAVINGS didn't have to be income based, we just had to have HAD the money for 3 months or more (dan has), and talked us through all the fees and monetary things... wow. this morning is loving westpac morning.

i don't know why banks made it so hard... i mean i've been supporting myself for 6 years. please, i can pay off a loan!... anyway i start work tomorrow, and dan starts training on monday (full time for a week)... so the cash is going to roll in! perhaps they'll give us promotions and give me $1900 per hour instead of $19.00 - ah, the decimal point, cause of so much frustration!

8 November 2005


woo! two in one week! dan got a job today working for DODO, DODO, INTERNET THAT FLIES! in highpoint.. it is a part time position, 20-40 hrs p/w til christmas, probably going into full-time later. yippy-yi-yay!

they offered him the job straight after the Group Interview. pretty good huh?

that's because dan is the best! i'd give him a job any day (hey, dan, i can be your reference!!!)

how is everyone?

7 November 2005


yes, that's right! rachel (that's me!) is now an employee again!

i got the casual (causal pay, part time hours) position at the tea party - a little shop on victoria street in the vic market. it sells tea, suprisingly. and teapots, and CUPS (don't despair, mum!!!). i'm very happy about it, because now i can eat, pay rent, buy a house, EVERYTHING IN THE WHOLE WORLD! particularly drink tea!

in other news, dan and i went to the nova today, for cheap-arse monday, and saw paradise now - the film about two young palestinian lads who are in line to become martyrs/suicide bombers. very intense, but great.

also went to brunetti's for the first time back in melb. ahhhhh...

i have written a song about the breakdown of a relationship, using employment metaphors. fitting? (i'm handing in my name tag, hart hat, should have done it sooner. i'm giving you my two week's notice, and i'm calling in the union)...

damn john howard - and ALL the liberal party, and their families, neighbours, pets and gardens - to the pits of pit-ness. IR is sooooooo angry-making.

but i have a job! woohoo!

4 November 2005


we did washing this morning... here is a list of things about it.

a wash load costs $3... rip off!
a dry for 10 mins costs $1... it is never enough
we did two loads or washing
and one load of drying (twice)
things that we put in the dryer: undies, socks and pillow cases.
things that did not dry: one pair each of toe socks, normal socks and ankle socks,
we had to buy another pack of powder, because we ran out.
we have hung up all the wet teeshirts (Tshirts?) and one pair of jeans and one jumper.

and that is the excitement of the day.

apart from when esther j called from berlin with mich and charlie and young genna. that was nice.

yesterday esther w came over with REALLY YUMMY ICYPOLES that were homemade from her lemon tree and were lemon juice and sugar and a very little bit of water and they made us have facial spasms. yum..

and we might see esther o'r-d g (hee!) tonight, although she is a bit sick.

that is the esthers accounted for.

The Country was fun. why is it that, although i rarely just go out for a cup of coffee by myself when i am here, i always crave it when i am in The aforementioned Country? is it just because i can't do it? mum and i had a nice walk, i forced some of my novel on both pezzas, and we went opshopping.

i am now going to go and eat pasta with dan. OH! there are a couple of new pix up in the scotland section of photobucket. check em!