25 May 2005


WE SAW FIREFLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEE!

that's about it! also went to firenze... nice. climbed tower. ate at trattoria mario, recommended by julia and erin... AND US! went home, had swim, went out for lovely dinner with tina from canada and richard from scotland. THEN SAW FIREFLIES! soooooo exciting and so BRIGHT! and flashy!

today to market then to nice homemade lunch with nice wine from nice winery and nice swim and nice siesta and nice going to irish pub to watch the liverpool-milan European Champions League Final! yay! nice futbol!

soo you all, and thanks for the amusing messages. cellulite cream sounds delicious, i want cleo to send some to me!

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  1. Hi Dan and Rachel
    What a fab web site - you write soooo well!
    It all just sounds amazing and I am continuing to be hugely and horribly jealous.
    What about the game then!!! Wasn't it fabuloso and exciting. I expect there will be some murders of penalty-missing -italian players soon. Tragic - tee hee!

    Where are you planning to go next? If it were me, I would never leave Italy. By the way, the town near the farm where my dad was sheltered is called Fara Sabina and his POW camp was in a place called Latterina near Siena.

    Loads Love