28 May 2006


it's me berfdai!

come along to crooners (43-49 lygon st brunswick) this saturday 5th june at about 8:30-9pm. have a drink and a chat! we'll probably be there until 11pm-ish - and who knows, we might end up at cafe romantica later in the evening!!! (oh, the joy!)

* drinks are fairly average price (not cheap, but ok as far as i remember).

* light snacks are available (i recommend the eggplant chips!), though i'm not sure if they have vegan- or coeliac-friendly food.

* they have a 70s and 80s night on saturday, so i'm hoping for a mullet or two, and perhaps some stirrup-pant action!

* toilets are segregated (M and F only/exclusive)

please don't be offended if you didn't receive a text or an email. i've tried to contact everyone, but some emails have bounced, and i don't have everyone's phone number/s...

cheers, mateys!

24 May 2006


our flights to and from the uk later this year have been booked! we leave melb on october 12th, and london on november 7th. in our time there we will catch up with dan's fam and friends (there is overlap!), and do a wonderful walk - probably this walk along the thames path. we will probably do 5 days for walking, from the source to oxford. we will hopefully go all out, and stay in b&bs at kemble (night before), cricklade, lechlade, ummm, tadpole bridge (i think), and northmoor... maybe in oxford, but maybe hostels, as we could be broke by then.

we were also planning on visiting erin and julia in scotland, but sadly erin-and-julia (or julia-and-erin) is no more. we aren't sure if michelle and/or charlie will be there...? at any rate, this gives us more time for exploring other things, maybe even doing a second walk?

still haven't booked birthday things, but please get in contact with me - we'll probably go to crooners on lygon st (where we had our going away drinks last year), because it's easy. and yum yum yum eggplant chips.

14 May 2006



Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti

is this because i answered: "What annoys you the most?"
with: "Stupid people"???

(what? if you worked in customer service, you would answer the same...)

13 May 2006


call out to all youse wot will be in melbs on 3rd june (saturday)

keep the evening free for my birthday party! no plans more solid than that - there'll probably be some sort of consumption of food followed by consumption of liquid.

1 May 2006


heya, i can't find your email and don't have a phone, so i'm posting this in the blog! go here for a bit o' stuff on museums. don't know how relevent it is to you.