4 January 2006


i just spent 25 minutes writing a blog, and the computer crashed. genius.

in essence, i was rambling on about a hypothetical situation in which a young couple ("rachel" and "dan") were renting a very small apartment, and wondering whether they should rent a bigger apartment for about $20 more per week, in a location of their choice, with laundry facilities... even if they were looking to buy somewhere and didn't really want to move AGAIN and AGAIN (4 times in one year? nooooooooo!!!)... i was wondering if you, dear reader, had any helpful suggestions for the pair.

my preferred option is for them to settle into their current apartment, obtain furniature (shelves, storage, etc) to suit the dimensions of their place, sell their unwanted stuff on ebay (heehee), create some sort of herb garden in pots on the concrete strip under the desolate washing lines out the back, get a small couch (floomping space)... and keep looking for somewhere to buy.


who'd be grown up, i ask you?


  1. don't you mean a small SOFA




    i went to the op shop today and kept seeing couches and thinking 'no, that's not what they are looking for it is not a SOFA'


    your dilemma is taxing yes
    if you are OK where you are then stay, get your SOFA and see what the next few months hold.

    how about you move here and then we can leave EVERYTHING where it is and WE don't have to move ahaha!!

    good luck

  2. ah, yes, that is what i meant. SOOOOOOFA!

    thanks for clearing that up for us, and in conclusion, SOFA. we would move into your house if you moved your house to brunswick. how about it?

  3. erin prestonrokzzzz4:20 pm, January 07, 2006

    ah but then the shop underneath us would also have to move...and possibly the five or so shops and houses attached to our house..

    maybe some of them would be up for a random location change as they may prosper greatly due to the new array of customers they would get in brunswick...
    if you can organise some sort of wizard of oz-esque tornado then we(and all the adjoining shops)will be there in an instant..