26 December 2005


a. the cricket was rather boring. slow. australia won the toss and elected to bat, so we didn't see much of them. ponting made a century, hayden took about fifteen hours to make something like 80 runs... in case any anti-cricket people read this and scoff that cricket is always boring, well... in this case it was, and if you happened to catch a day like this on tv or radio then you would think that cricket is always boring. so. boring.

b. sat near rowdy group of yobbos (young yobbos) who alternated their chants between "aussie, aussie, aussie, oi, oi, oi" (on the odd occasion that hayden hit the ball) and "you are a wanker" (to pretty much anything at the mcg) and "skollskollskoll" (to members of their sect) and "wwwoooooaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrritrirrr" (to any female-type humanoid in their bleary line of vision), occasionally interspersing them with the time honoured "you're going home in the back of a divvy van" and "bay thirteen are wankers" (the sentiment i agree with, but in this case its a bit of a pot/kettle situation), the alarming "she sucks all the boys" (at which point i decided i didn't really like being in that area any more), and the always amusing "we want a streaker". at one point i wa fascinated to hear "wanna see the cops kiss", and thought all my suspicions about male sports fans and repressed homosexual desires were wrong, and that those desires were actually manifesting around me. alas, the police officers were both female (not that i mind the idea of women loving women in uniform). oh, and also one fist fight, into which came a few baton-weilding keepers of the peace... yuck.

c. despite sitting under shade for most of the day, and applying sunscreen and wearing a hat, i have been pinkened. yes! pinkened!

d. i bought some chips, which were delicious. the person in front of me bought a 600ml bottle of water. for THREE DOLARS AND NINETY CENTS!!!!!

... on the plus side, there are at least two more days of the test, and i could go to both to see if the game can redeem itself... mmm, cricket!


  1. we ended up painting a mural on may's back fence, so not much cricket watching done... boo!

  2. cricket, in my humble opinion, is just not cricket. the australia cricket team, in my eyes, look like the yobs you are describing. isn't cricket meant to be able all things english and civilised and cucumber sandwiches? instead it involves shane warne who is anything but. i don't wish many people dead, but please god, just this one...?

  3. erin p gonomeinthebakkovaDIVVYVAN10:44 pm, December 29, 2005

    2 facts regarding cricket (and possibly yobbos really):
    1) my ex had a crush on shane warne (i used to cut pictures of him out of the herald sun and anonymously mail them to her just to stir her ahahaha)
    2) today, a hot day, at the beach, my dad chose NOT to come to the beach for a swim but to STAY BEHIND sitting in the hot caravan JUST to watch the cricket on the TV...

    cricket. what a hot boring idea.

    on the other hand 'yoar goin ome in the bakkova divvy van' is pure class..

    happy bogan joy

  4. well... we all know what shane warne is. an indefinable chunk of yobbish dickwitishness. erin are you sure it's not joolala who has a crush on shane warne? i wouldn't be surprised... well, i would be, but that's beside the point. hot caravan to WATCH the cricket. pah! i choose the beach and the radio coverage any day!!!

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