7 January 2006


people, people, people. did you know that we have lurkers, lurking in a lurkerly fashion around this blog? did you know that they are INTIMIDATED by some (such as samsam and johnnyswitchblade - entities who are altogether too fashionably daring and frighteningly witty for their own good) and are thus not leaving comments? at least, that's their excuse. but i think we will all play nice, don't you...?

come out, little louis-rupert. no one will hurt you.



on other notes, i gather that all approximately 4 friends (including dan) have visited me at the tea party. POOR FORM! think of all the great things you will get to be near: tea, for one; me as well; the market (prime target for terrorism in melbourne, my boss told me!); joe's potato and onion type stall out the back (i think he's almost convinced himself that my name is sinead. no, really)... um... the funny fish-smell, and that convenience store that sells little wibbly jelly sweets, like the squishy things from vina-bar. so come and visit. i am next working on thursday.

louis, i expect to see you there. what with the time difference you could even make it home in time for shabbat (or whichever variation on the spelling you prefer).


and an update on the short breakfast: "BREKY," as seen (fashionably misspelled) on a chalkboard for a brunswick st cafe. i have witnesses (esther? julia?).

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