26 January 2006


a reasonable amount of fun was had on tuesday when dan and i were joined by erin, may and katherine on our escapade up the moonee ponds creek. we were blessed with one of those mid-20s, sunny-but-not-too-hot days, with a cooling breeze. the creek was still there, and was only slightly fuller than it had been on christmas day (the last time dan and i made our way to five mile creek reserve).

we stayed pretty much on schedule, making it to cross keys reserve at 12:25 and deciding that it wasn't that attractive... so we retraced our steps to five mile creek reserve (that's my name for the nice patch of green anyway!) and spread out our picnicing blankets and stuffed our faces. on the way back we kept up a steady, brisk pace, and were back home by about 2:20 - ahead of schedule.

items of note: half a shopping trolley filled with boulders; a couple of eels in the creek; ducks and ducklings; a strange man standing on the bridge at cross keys reserve; a very cute yound dog/old puppy that we stopped to pat; the aboriginal heritage art at CKR; erin's pumpkin and coriander muffins; jumping or paddling through the creek on the way home; grilling may about her new walking shoes and her planned walk across spain; sharing travel stories with katherine, who went to europe around the same time as we did...

thanks guys for coming! i hope you enjoyed it. we will keep you all informed as to when the next walk will be - hopefully on a sunday, when more people will be able to join us.


it makes me proud to be australian: a dilapidated white holden just drove past, sporting a large australian flag, and hooting loudly. really, guys, do i care?

happy australia/aboriginal survival/invasion day, all.


  1. Bogans 'r' us3:23 am, January 30, 2006

    Yes, happy invasion day. Even way over on the other side of the world, I wasn't able to escape the dickhead bogans sporting the Australian flag as a superman cape. I had a Nightlife tour on the evening of the 26th and when I went to meet the group at the restaurant at the beginning of the night I noticed said bogan with said flag. I informed the bogan (who, by the way, was also sporting a dashing blonde mullet) that the flag had to go. We then hopped on the Contiki coach (joy of joys) to be driven to our starting point. Just before we piled off the coach, I grabbed the microphone and made a general announcement that no Australian flags were to be taken off the coach. By the way, during the short drive on the coach, they all insisted on having John Farnham played on the stereo in honour of the occasion and were all singing along at the tops of their voices to 'You're the Voice'. Later on in the tour one guy asked me why I had been away from Australia for so long - didn't I like Australia? I told him exactly how I felt about the country and he wasn't quite sure how to respond. How could anybody say anything remotely negative about the place?!! And on Australia Day?!?!! Vomit.

  2. don't you like australia?!?!? don't say it too loud, you terrorist!