11 January 2006


so, leaving aside my issues with "orange drink" and other slightly misleading labels, and the use of added sugar in juices... WHAT IS THE DEAL with almost all orange juices containing FLAVOUR?!? a typical (sugar-free) ingredients label might read:

orange juice (freshly squeezed and/or reconstituted)
vitamin c

now, i can let them off on the added vitamin c - i mean people EXPECT orange juice to contain a lot of it, so the company is probably required to have a controlled amout in their juice - but, really... flavour? orange flavour?

IT'S ORANGE JUICE! IT'S FUCKING ORANGE FLAVOURED ALREADY! (albatross! allllbatross! it's fucking seabird flavour!) why? what is it about these oranges that mean they don't taste enough like orange and need orange flavouring to make them taste orangey? IT MAKES ME MAD!

anyway - this reminds me of a time i got a banana muttin on special from safeway, and it didn't taste like banana at all. it tasted like banana lollies. sure enough, it had lots of banana flavour in it. yuck. we are breeding a society in which people think orange flavouring tastes more like oranges than oranges do; banana flavouring tastes more like bananas than bananas do... a society of simulacra, if you will.


  1. oh, i too have had the errible misfortune of eating a BANANA LOLLY flavoured banana thing..oh IT MAKES ME SICK I TELL YOU!!!!!!!

    IF I WANTED A LOLLY I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT A PACK OF BANANA LOLLIES NOT A CAKE OR MUFFIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (amusingly i have a banana cake in the oven right now - no "flavouring" there mwahahaha!!)

  2. c'mon, simulacra-related hilarity!

    or... not...