13 January 2006




Johnson & Williams




you gotst boots
gotst pirate boots from ebay
and i wants them
wants them on my feets
and if you don't want to give them to me
i'm gonna have to make you walk the plank
make you walk the plank!
and the fact that i don't have a ship won't hold me back!!!

i'm going to build myself a galleon
i have a diagram in my book of ships
i'll steal all the wooden fences in my street
and cut down the trees in the park to make a keel
cut down the trees
cut down the trees

and i'll get joe from down the road
who knows a bloke who built a table once
i'll commission them to nail the boards together
into a ship
into a ship
my pirate ship!

and i'll call her the devastator
we'll sail the seven seas
and bring your pirate boots to me!

just outside my window
there are some likely looking telephone poles
in the middle of the night
i'll resource the for my mainmast
for my mainmast
my mainmast

then from my neighbours' washing lines
i'll retrieve a quantity of sheets
even floral ones, but not the fitte ones,
and i'll sew myself some mainsails
and some topsails
and lateen sails
and foresails (sometimes called jibs)
and gaff sails
and all the sails int he world for my ship
for my ship
my pirate ship

and they'll call her the devastator
we'll sail the seven seas
and bring your pirate boots to me!!!

we'll sail
into the bay
on the devastator
say see ya later
to your life
and your boots
you leave me no choice
it's what i have to do
take them off now
and your frock coat, too
and your feathered hat
we won't use that as shark food
i'm sorry
it's come to this
those sharks
look hungry
don't they?

1 comment:

  1. Ahoy Matey!
    Cut the jibs yee skalley-wags and turn about port-side! Me sees booty upon the North Saskatchewan! Arrrr!