2 June 2009


I know that pretty much nobody reads this blog (apart from me, DB and SJ and sometimes my parents!)* and nobody is quite as obsessed with all things walking as us, but here is a cool video about how to tie your boots if you have 'problem feet' - really, if your feet are not the same as the standard feet they make boots for. (If the video doesn't load here, you can find it at the link below.)

I found the video on this site, which has other interesting things, too.

One thing that this video does not tell, which I was taught by the assistant in the shop where i bought my boots, is that if you do one extra loop in the knot (basically, wrap one end of the lace around the other twice instead of once) the knot will hold better. This means less slippage as you tie a bow in your laces, and less need to adjust later.

* OK, so i just checked our email, and discovered that 3 people had left comments on various posts! so clearly more than just the peeps mentioned read this blog, sorry!


  1. I read it! Well, I scroll past the text to look at the pictures and vids! ;)

  2. and were you fascinated with learning how to tie your shoes?!