26 June 2009


This is just going to be a quick post, because I can't really be bothered giving an extensive review! We planned to do this walk, from Laverton Station down Laverton Creek to 100 Steps to Federation, then across the creek and north around the bay to Altona, up past the station, around Cherry Lake and back to the station. But when we reached Cherry Lake, I couldn't be bothered walking any further (I was really tired, the weather didn't look so promising, and both SJ and I had left our raincoats at home). So we ended up walking about 11km in total. Then we went to SJ & E's place, and I had a tiny nap. THEN we went to EJ's birthday drinks at Madam Brussels.

Our camera was not working, so all these photos are by SJ. You can find the whole set by clicking here.

The before picture - note SJ's excellent tweed hat!

We saw lots of birds:

We had tea at the top of the 100 Steps, under the Time Beacon.

We were outraged that the city was the wrong way round from this angle. There were some pretty cool clouds, too.

Some of us weren't creepy:

We walked to the end of Altona Pier and ate chips!

We admired the informative signs:

Then we went home. E picked us up from the station, and then SJ drove us into the city for drinks!

It was a nice day!

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