25 June 2009


i think i mentioned a little while ago that i was going to the poditrist. i did, she's great. i went because i hadn't had new orthotics since 1997, but the propelling factors were: i was getting shin splints (PAINFUL) and i needed new walking boots (i wanted to get ones that would fit my new orthotics).

anyway, my podiatrist suggested that even if my shin splints had calmed down (they have), i should get some remedial massage in order to help heal the muscle properly and reduce the risk of recurrence/future injury. i noticed that my chiropractor also has a massage therapist and myotherapist working from the same location, so i asked her about which i should see. she recommended the myotherapist.

this afternoon i am heading down to carlton north and offering my legs up for some intense pain! i hope it all goes well. i will report back.


the latest walks i've done. hm. on the weekend, sj, d and i walked from laverton station down laverton creek to the bay, and then up to altona, where we had chips on the pier! it was lovely. we also went and looked at cherry lake, but i couldn't be bothered walking all the way around. so it was a short walk (about 11km?) for the shortest day of the year. my camera was not working, so i have no photos. sj took pics, though, so when she uploads them i will make a post!

yesterday was our good friend e's birthday, and i walked 8.5km to her birthday brunch. i noticed that my shins felt a little crampy, almost like shin splints but not as painful. this cleared up after i walked about 4km (and, i noted, this was as i walked a distance over dirt paths and grass rather than concrete). i think this is partially due to the stiff soles of my new hiking boots - they bend fine when i am carrying a heavy pack, but not so much when i just have my daypack on. the toe not flexing enough causes those lower leg muscles to work harder to compensate, and ouchness ensues.

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