5 June 2009


i bought myself* a new pair of boots! they are asolo atlantis boots (i almost got a full leather pair of raichles, but in the end the asolos were simply a better fit). i'll talk more about the boot-buying experience in another post.

asolo hiking boots

i won't wear them for the 25km walk on saturday, but i'll probably stomp around the house in them today to check they are ok or if i need to go back for a replacement pair (or if i have questions - man, bogong are the best, best, best place to buy walking boots).

i got some other walking-related gifts, too!

fuck yeah walker's pocket companion!

omg it's so me!

yay, funtimes!

* db just contributed $100 to them, so it is now a joint present! OH! and also my grandparents! thank you!

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