15 December 2005


it's that time of year, when you suddenly realise that christmas is not actually 'a couple of weeks away'... it's NEXT WEEKEND. and then you think about all those good intentions you had of sending cards to everyone, especially to your friends OS, and the dreadful knowledge creeps over you that the cards will NEVER get there on time, and you are doomed - DOOMED! - to the pits of hell for your slatternly behaviour.

on a more positive note - i got the scholarship! so i will be rich, RICH i tell you!... well, at least i won't be starving.

a wattle bird landed on the rosemary bush outside our window, and as the rosemary bush is rather small, and the wattlebird rather large, it fell off. but all is well, as it then turned its attentions to the paperbark tree, and hung upside down for a time to regain its composure.

other news? oh, the house was sold to someone with more money than us - damn them! so we are looking around for another place in the area... one day, one day!

dan and i are about to enter the sixth tier of hell, known to others as 'christmas retail,' so your thoughts, prayers and/or condolances will be much appreciated!

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  1. i'm doing late night shopping tonight, which means i'm to be drinking heavily afterwards.
    not that i know what to get an english grandmother. sheesh.
    in other news - tattoo! (and t.a.t.u., yes, i bought it)