1 December 2005


muchas flores: rosario
it's gonna be alright: gerry and the pacemakers
diamonds on the soles of her shoes: paul simon
the way you dream: michael stipe & asha bhosle
clandestino: manu chao
who needs forever?: astrud gilberto//theivery corporation
be careful what you pray for: vika & lynda
eireann: afro celt sound system release
stuff and nonsense: missy higgins
the badger: the tea party
baby please: johnnie johnson
bei mir birst du schon (means that you're grand): the andrews sisters
lafayette: hot lips page
see-line woman: nina simone//masters at work
electric blue: the cranberries
rainyday: emaline delapaix
love is a place i dream of: luka bloom
truth: neil finn
last train to clarksville: the monkees
skye waulking song - chuir m'athair mise dhan taigh charraideach (my father sent me to a house of sorrow): capercaillie


what are the hallmarks of a great mixed cd? it all depends on the purpose - who is it for? what do you want to say? when and were will it be played?...

when i get a mixed cd, i really like it if the mixer has chosen some songs that i am familiar with but don't have, some styles of music i like and some that i don't usually listen to. i am a big fan of lyrics and vocals, so i like it if i can hear what is being said. conversely i also like songs in languages other than english. i don't like getting mixed cds that only reflect the mixer's tastes. sometimes i am guilty of this myself.

in this case, the cd is for my new place of work: a boutique tea shop at the vic market. the vibe is slightly chilled, slightly left of mainstream. the music needs to be smooth and easy to listen to but not tackily so, relaxed and chilled but not morose. the other cds in the shop include dido, moby, many chillout sessions, the new madonna album, another mixed cd i made... (you can see the track listing to that on sam's blog - click on the link at the side>>)

what do you think of my mix? what do you like in a mixed cd? what do you put on a mixed cd?


  1. I disagree slightly. most of the time with mixed cd's it's all about the maker's taste, as that is why it is being given in the first place; you are sharing yourself, and your most prized possesion with other people. you do think about the recipient, but mostly it's all about what's making YOU happy at the moment.
    or some shit.

  2. but at the same time, if you are made happy by death metal and the recipient likes jazz classics and hates death metal, then it's not really nice to put a huge selection of GRROGGOGAGGROOORORRRRRR on it. i mean, your mixed cd will always reflect your tastes because you only have music that you like (mostly!) so you have to think about the recipient, too. but i agree - you have to put on some things that are your favourites at the moment.

  3. i look for a theme or a feel - too much of a mix i find may jump around too much. i also look for david bowie, the cure, and maybe, yes, THEM!: the stones. i guess that's my taste, huh? i don't know, i'm not really an hexpert. i do like whiskey though. the drink. mmmm... whiskey.