3 April 2005


Hi everyone! We would just like to say thanks to everyone who came along to our farewell thing at Crooners last night. It was great to see you all! We are a bit sad that we couldn't spend more time with each of you (damn us, having so many friends!), but we really appreciate you making the effort to see us. Thanks also to the people who have made it (or have promised to come) to our garage sale. If you come along today (Sunday) you can be assured of many SUPER SPECIALS, because we're trying to get rid of it ALL!!!


Further to my list of things to take, I must add that plastic zip-lock bags are the way of the future! Very handy and excellent for keeping documents dry, storing dirty laundry, carrrying lunch, snacks and scroggin... I should also add to that list that I'm taking a copy of my thesis (because I am a HUGE NERD) and a recorder. You might not need to take a musical instrument, but there's probably SOMETHING that you'd go crazy without... Maybe a walkman, maybe a pack of playing cards... Anyway, I think that you should make the space to take these things, because I'd rather be one singlet down than without a musical instrument. Lalala. The pope died. Hope they get a nicer, more progressive one this time. Here endeth my blah.

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