6 April 2005


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Hi people! Here is a picture of some of youse guys at our farewell thingie. Sorry we don't have pics of all of you - we forgot to get the camera out until near the end! All very exciting with the packing etc. 6 days. Counting. This time next week we'll be... in the middle of a long, boring flight... yay (maybe).

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  1. bon voyage and GOOD LUCK!

  2. What do you mean boring? Flights are anything but boring. So much entertainment, so many films you won’t see anywhere else (because you’d never pay to see them. Although you really have paid quite a lot of money to see them. On the flight)

    Flights to Norway are cheap and have complimentary blow-up go-go dancers in national costumes! Oh, that’s right, you’re going by rail...ah, darnit.