29 March 2005


Further to my last rant... It seems that I (Rachel) have also developed a desire to buy those dinky little Australian flag patches. I think this arises not so much from pride in the state of the country, but because I am terrified by the thought that I will be mistaken for an American. Not that I have anything against Americans... only most of their accents, their government (yep, Australia's so much better), their LOUD TALKING. I have not as yet acquired any of this Australiana, and I doubt I will, but the fact that I have actually considered it makes me slightly queasy!


Now, onto real travelling business. Here is a list of stuff I am putting in my bag. I am doing you a service, because one day YOU might be trying to pack, and wonder if you've missed anything, and you can refer to this HANDY LIST.

Sleeping Bag (I lerv my sleeping bag)
Travel Sheet
Pillow case
1 x Jeans (they say they're heavy, I say I'll only need to wash them once a month!)
2 x Fisherman's Pants (Fishermen's Pants? Fisherperson's Pants?)
1 x Nice Skirt (for a wedding... you might not need this)
1 x Sarong (can be used as a skirt, a scarf, a sheet, a curtain, a tablecloth, a bag... wow)
1 x Nice Shirt (again, wedding)
3 x T-Shirts
2 x Sleeveless Tops (many, many E's in that word)
1 x Shearer's Singlet (also known affectionately as a Wife-Beater)
1 x Waterproof/Warm Jacket
1 x Hoodie
1 x Thermal top
1 x Spencer
Many Undies
Many Socks
1 pair Nice Shoes
1 pair Sneakers
1 pair Thongs (in the Australian sense)
Travel Towel (eep! so cute and small)
Flannel (or facewasher if you will)
Plastic Bags!
Calico Bags!
Toiletries (soap - and a stocking for it!, sunscreen, insect repellent, first aid stuff, much painkiller material, safety pins, earplugs, gaffer tape, needle and thread, alarm clock... the list continues...)

AND! In my day pack, I will have:

Pens and pencils
Emergency Socks and Undies!
Swiss Army Knife

I also have some padlocks and such things. And, of course, money-things, passport things, ticket things... and PHOTOCOPIES of all!

So, I hope you have found this long, rambling blog useful. If you have any suggestions of what to take or leave, then post a comment! Hope you're all well, and remember to come to our party this Saturday, and to the garage/loungeroom sale on Saturday and Sunday!

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  1. Hey hey! All your stuff for taking sounds great! The only thing i would be wary of is...don't leave your swiss army knife and corkscrew in your day pack for the plane trips. The mean mean customs/security/anti-terrorista people will take them and you'll never get them back!