13 April 2005


well, guys... we thought we would write to you from narita airport. we have stayed overnight in hotel nikko narita - compliments of japan airlines. the flight yesterday was long. today's will be longer... we are in yahoo cafe, where we get FREE internet access! it is very spring here... it is cold and misty and there is lots of sakura... it is also very japan. it is also very airport - there have been queues long enough to make an englishman happy... at least they moved quickly.

here are some more tips: make sure that you confirm that you have ordered vegetarian meals when you confirm your flight, otherwise the not-quite-polite qantas staff will be annoyed with you... also, when you eat your free buffet breakfast at hotel nikko narita, the miso soup is GREAT, but the same can't be said for the scrambled/omletted/boiled eggs. the watermelon was also nice.

now we've got to go and board our plane, so we'll write again from england!!!


  1. Harry's non-existent sense of self-worth11:33 pm, April 13, 2005


    Hi guys, hi!

  2. Was the above written by Rachel Bowen?2:11 am, April 14, 2005

    Hi dudes!
    So cool to see your pics! Japan, eh? How exoootic. You'd make Peter Eckersall proud.

  3. shift slut extraordinair10:47 pm, April 14, 2005

    have you stolen kaiba's coat while you're there? and don't come back with "but he's a fictional character slappa, get a grib on reality and stop spending all your time under fluro lights" rubbish. or that other "but i'm not gareth" rubbish. i don't believe it for a minute. NOT ONE MINUTE i say. haraa!

  4. outer space giant blood sucking worms3:47 pm, April 15, 2005

    hullo!!! your plants aren't dead yet, but i'm trying. hope the queen's own engerland is all tally ho ol chum :) i'm in an internet cafe, so more later when hans's computer doesn't have a sex virus any more. hope youse guys are well :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxox esther!

  5. lapping up a loose poached11:11 pm, April 15, 2005


    japan sounds japanee. i hear they have real live japanese people there. cool.

    did they have those man hole covers over the man holes that have a picture on them that looks like there is an actual man stuck in them trying to get out? if so...i hope you took a picture.