8 August 2011


Oof. I'd forgotten how long it takes to pack up a house. I'm glad we've started early. We've boxed almost all the books (except my uni books). Last time we put things in storage it was for a bit over 6 months, and when we got back there was a lot of stuff we thought we should have got rid of in the garage sale we had before we left. This time we're trying to be more ruthless! But still . . .

I've packed 15 boxes of books so far - and there's probably another 2-3 to go! We've also got a shelf and a half (and counting) of books we want to take with us. However, we've sorted out about 6 shelves of books to sell at our garage sale this time. We just have a lot of books.

(I'm not even starting to think about the video tapes, DVDs and - worse! - the CDs!)

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