24 August 2011


It was my birthday in June, so we had a mini-break. We really enjoyed our stay at Glenview Retreat in Emerald last July (for our anniversary walk), so we decided to repeat the experience. Once again, we walked there from Belgrave, though this time we took a slightly different route. We stayed two nights, giving us the chance to properly relax, read a book, and wander around Emerald Lake Park. We walked all the way back to Belgrave, this time (no trespassing and encountering bulls in paddocks, this time!). You can see a map of our walk here. You can see all photos here, but I'll post a selection below (you can click on the images to see a bigger size and more commentary).

Day One:

Cuppa and morning tea Morning path
Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens: colours
Lunch! Single file
Colony: Coprinellus disseminatus? Young fungus (ID anyone?)
Stronger than you might think!

Day Two:

Dinosaurs (swamp hens)
Screen / Shore

Day Three:

D & J: rugged up
Free lemons Hailstorm After / afterglow
Sky tapioca

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