28 July 2011


We're going to head to Bristol on our first weekend in the UK to see a couple of friends who are moving to Australia soon after we arrive. (That makes 3 friends vacating the UK just in time for our arrival. Is there something you're not telling us about? Other than your screwed up government?)

Anyway! I had been trying to wade through all the train/bus and hotel/hostel/b&b sites with little joy and much confusion, until I clicked a random link to Money Saving Expert. YES, I KNOW. But it's actually quite a good starting point to navigate this ocean of [insert nautical allusion here] information. I now know, for example, that booking intercity train tickets starting 12 weeks in advance in the UK is the thing to do to get cheap fares. And that they're searchable using The Train Line. And that Megabus offers super-cheap alternatives for some routes. Plus, I got a pretty good deal on a hotel for the weekend (not as nice as a B&B, but really, we'll only be sleeping there). I AM CLEARLY A CONVERT!

I've updated our 'Handy Links' section on the sidebar of this blog to include some of these sites.

I'd update more, but I'm too busy trying to finish this PhD!


  1. I still reckon you shouldn't be allowed to go, I'll miss you too much D: But I promise I'll save up all my spare change (I keep it in a big jar and that is the extent of my money saving tips!) and come and visit :D P.S. Your nautical allusion should include giant squids. And the Umbrella Mouth Gulper Eel.

  2. OH GOOD GRIEF THAT EEL IS A REAL THING. Surely there is something a little evolutionarily off about that mouth! (Umbrella Mouth Gulper Eel is a much better name than Pelican Eel.)

    Yes, you will have to come and visit! It will be splendid! :D

  3. Esther; your somewhat insane but mildly stable sister11:28 pm, August 05, 2011

    Don't you REMEMBER the Umbrella Mouth Gulper Eel???? Weirder than the platypus, less famous than the elephant, UGLIER THAN THE MURRAY COD.

  4. UGLIER THAN THE MURRAY COD. <- i remember this, but only vaguely!