11 August 2011


I've been so busy with uni that I haven't had time to edit and upload the photos from our last trip to East Gippsland in April. But now I have! You can find them on Flickr, but here are a few of my faves. Click through to see comments on Flickr.

Contemplation Regrowth
On the way there: picnic lunch at Bairnsdale and bushfire regrowth on the Princes Hwy.

shadow / dog d and our friendly companion
A dog we met when we went on a walk. She was super friendly!

green and blue
Everything was so green and lush. Lovely, after years of drought.

backlit grape vine
The grape leaves were just turning.

silverweb yellow sponge fungus! (what is this?!)
We went for walks and saw cool things (check that fungus)!

my amazing cardigan!
It was E's 60th, and she had a cardigan-themed party!

dawn, morning star
I got to watch the sun rise. My favourite time.

j, e, e & j
J, E, E & J. (Photo by D.)

Soon we'll be off again, this time for J's 60th! It will most likely be our last visit before we head to the UK, so it'll be slightly bittersweet.

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