8 September 2009


And speaking of flying, they tell us: One in 10 Australian men say they have had a relationship or romance with someone they sat next to on an airline flight, a survey on inflight preferences has found.

So the deal is: We fly into London on Thursday and hang out with family for the first few days, then see some friends on Monday. On Tuesday (15/9) we take the train down to Penzance and a bus to Lands End, then begin our hike with an 8km walk to our first B&B. From the 15th to the 30th we'll be walking, with days off on Sundays 20th and 27th September. On Thursday 1st October we train from Plymouth back to London. Friday 2nd hang out with A, and maybe N will come down to London. Saturday 3rd hang out with E and perhaps N, possibly go to Borough Markets and Bushy Park. Sunday 4th, family birthday dinner. Monday 5th maybe see E again? Then on Tuesday we are training up to Cambridge and might see S there. We're staying in a B&B in Hemingford Grey until we go back to London on Friday 9th. On that weekend we might get to see C & G if they come up from Brighton, and it's M's birthday on the Sunday. We're spending the rest of the trip in London, and we fly out early on Wednesday 14th.

We've done most of the packing and cleaning, yay! Tomorrow we're catching up with a couple of people and nomming food at one of our fave Melbourne cafes. It's looking like Melbourne might be seeing us off with clouds and rain for the first time ever! Usually it breaks out the warm weather and blue sky the day (before) we leave.


  1. have fun, nix!

    if you see my mum or my daughter while you're over there, tell them I said "hi!"


  2. hello you two -- it's a little late to wish you bon voyage, but have amazing walks and english tea times! i wish you were coming here so i could do some of both with you! love, az. xox

  3. @alex, i shall!

    @az, we wish you were hear with us, too! <3