8 September 2009


Our last walk before we leave completed! It was a really excellent one, and exhausting. I should get on with finishing packing and cleaning the house, so I'm not going to write too much here.

* All my photos can be found by clicking here.
* All of G's pics can be seen by clicking here.

Here is an approximate map of the route (check the elevation!):


yeah, we look cool now...

it's a bit of a hotspot for fitness junkies and people in training.

g powers on up

d about 2/3 up the 1000 steps

we did ok . . . for a bit!

made it!

MADE IT! We had a cup of tea at the one tree hill picnic ground, then pressed on. I was acutely aware that although the hardest bit was over, we'd not even walked a quarter of the way!

can't fit it all in frame


Then we got to the bit where the three maps I'd looked at gave conflicting information about where we could walk... the official Dandenong Ranges map (which was the one we had) said there was a track to take us from point A to point B . . . but in front of us there was only a horse farm. So we ducked under the fence and walked through 3 or 4 paddocks to the road. It was adventurous! (For those in the UK, Australia doesn't have rights of way like you - we were almost definitely breaking the law!)

innocent trespassers!

From here we crossed into Sherbrooke Forest, almost on familiar territory for D and I.

you must keep running the distance

tiniest spider!

silver and blue

There were a lot of trees down along the way. I think this is due to the rain and heavier than usual winds.


We visited Sherbrooke Falls (the first time we've been there and it hasn't been raining!) and had lunch in the picnic ground. OUTDOORS! We didn't ahve to avail ourselves of the information shelter or the toilet block to stay out of the rain!


Then it was down Clematis Track, over to Grants Picnic Ground and down Coles Ridge Rd - the reverse order of our other two walks in the area.

g&j resting on the grandstand!

g & his big stick

d in his new shorts

... and into Belgrave to feel up the locals and eat cake!

after shot: in queen of tarts cafe

queen of tarts cheesecake

It was an excellent, tiring, wonderful walk! I recommend it to people who like a challenge and are reasonably fit. It's obviously not accessible in terms of wheels/mobility aides, but it starts and ends at train stations, there are a couple of coffee places on the way (bottom of the Kokoda Memorial Trail, Grants Picnic Ground, Belgrave) and toilets (bottom of the trail, One Tree Hill, O'Donoghue Picnic Ground, Grants Picnic Ground, Belgrave). Also, you might like to consider not going through the horse farm, even though it was fun and a shortcut!

And now to finish packing! We leave tomorrow! WHEE!

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