14 September 2009


Saturday, 12th September 2009

After the fox-barking incident, we managed to get back to sleep, and didn’t wake again until after 8! Luxurious! This sleep-in was followed by an unhurried morning spent uploading photos, writing blogs, eating foods… general Saturday morning stuff.

Combining the awesome powers of our OS map and Google Maps, we devised a route to walk from E&L’s place in Edgware/Mill Hill, to M&A’s place in Finchley, avoiding main roads, and indeed all roads, as much as possible.

We set off in the early afternoon, out across the nearby park . . .


. . .and then followed a fairly busy and noisy road for about 15 minutes, before eventually finding sanctuary in a relatively peaceful and rather pleasant tree-lined footpath. The path was virtually deserted (we only saw two other people using it), and considering that it was a warm and sunny weekend day, I can only assume that this is because no one knows it is there. It was wonderful to have that much space to ourselves in the middle of a busy North London suburb.

DSCF9738 DSCF9739

The path eventually opened up and led us through some delightful community allotment gardens, which were positively bursting with colour and plant life on all sides – cucumbers, peas, beans, courgettes, pumpkins, cabbages, tomatoes, raspberries, enormous sunflowers… it was beautiful, peaceful and exciting.






And on the other side of the allotments, we were met with the stark contrast of the Great North Way – the A1. We walked parallel to it for a short while, passing a small child playing with an empty packet of cigarettes who, when we passed him, insisted on shaking my hand!

We quickly turned off the busy main road, and through numerous backstreets, all with the same name: Holders Hill Road, Holders Hill Avenue, Holders Hill Crescent, Holders Hill Drive… can you guess the name of the area? Around a few more corners, and we were back onto footpaths – the Dollis Valley Greenwalk


This led us past an hilariously excited white afghan(?) dog rolling in poo, all the way to M&A’s house - an hour and a quarter door-to-door.

When we arrived, we were greeted by J, a friend of my brother, who was the only one up – every one else had disappeared for post-lunch snoozings. They all gradually emerged and each greeted us with an incredulous “you WALKED here???!!!” A relaxing afternoon was had, hanging out, playing with kids (wow! They’re exhausting!), chatting and chilling. Had pizza in the evening (£10 a pizza! OMGWTF!), then home and straight to bed.


  1. the flowers in the gardens especially made me think of you! <3