1 February 2008


Today I got quote for travel insurance. I'm just going to go through my credit union (who use Allianz) for ease and convenience and because they're generally pretty awesome. It turns out that the best insurance for me is a Frequent Traveller one, which covers me for 12 months, worldwide. They're sending a quote out to me - it's a bit under $500 and there's no excess on things. And fabulously, they pay the excess on any rental vehicle insurance (up to $3000, which is . . . more than excess generally is anyway on these things).

Anyway! WE GOT WALKING BOOKS YESTERDAY! A speedy turnaround from amazon.co.uk

. . . and then I procrastinated for over an hour mapping our route on google maps. I LOVE GOOGLE MAPS! So why not take a peek?!

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