8 February 2008


Last tickets for the Canada trip have been booked.

Depart Melbourne 26th April (12:00)
(via Auckland)
Arrive LA 26th April (12:30)
Air New Zealand

Depart LA 30th April (09:45)
Arrive Vancouver 30th April (12:40)
Air Canada

Depart Vancouver 6th May (16:30)
Arrive Toronto 6th May (23:55)
West Jet

Depart Toronto 16th May (10:45)
Arrive LA 16th May (13:05)
American Airlines

Depart LA 16th May (22:30)
(via Auckland)
Arrive Melbourne 18th May (09:30)
Air New Zealand

We’ve also booked tickets to London.

Depart Melbourne 11th September (15:50)
(via Singapore)
Arrive London 12th September (05:55)
Singapore Airlines

Depart London 9th October (11:55)
(via Singapore)
Arrive Melbourne 10th October (20:15)
Singapore Airlines

I realise this is a boring post for most people, but it’s good to have a record of all this handy! And look! I can post to this blog using my other account, now. Brill.

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