31 January 2008


I have booked a return to LA - leaving at 12 midday from Melbourne on 26th April. Arriving 12:30 in the afternoon in LA . . . ON THE 26TH OF APRIL! Only takes half an hour, apparently! On the way back I leave LA on the 16th and arrive in Melbs on the 18th of May.

There will be a few days in LA before I fly to Vancouver - staying with Rohan, and meeting up with an internet friend. Yay for meeting people! I am going to be so social!

I'll keep people updated as travel plans are made and finalised. I must get my travel insurance sorted. I check with my doc yesterday and he said I didn't need any immunisations. . . though . . . rabies? Can you get shots for that? Do they have rabid bears in Canada? I think that if I would be more worried about the bear than about the rabies in that case.

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