12 February 2008


I had travel anxiety dreams last night – trying to book accommodation has clearly addled my mind! It was one of those dreams where people’s flights were delayed, and I had to start walking without them, and then the accommodation hadn’t been booked properly and we ended up having to walk half a day, then walk back to the place we’d stayed the night before and it was ALL SO FRUSTRATING.

Partly this is due to the fact that of the three places I emailed last Sunday to enquire about accommodation for the UK walk, only one wrote back (to say they weren’t around that week). I emailed another place last Thursday as an alternative to that one, but haven’t heard back from them, either. I think that 9 days is a bit crap, don’t you? I mean, if people don’t have an email address, that’s something I can work around, but if they do have an email address, they should bloody well use it. If you don’t check it, don’t offer it as a service. Sheesh!

Luckily, Dan’s mum is a legend and has agreed to ring these places and check things with them. It’s great having a lovely UK contact to do that so we’re not spending hundreds of dollars on phone bills.


  1. poopieheads!
    thank you for being so proactive with the organisey stuff. let me know how i can help, ok?

  2. :)

    it's just me getting stressed for nothing - i mean, if the worst comes to the worst, it's not that difficult to get a taxi to the next town and find a hotel!

    but the point of getting stressed now is that it won't be a problem when we get there, so it'll be fine. ;)

    looking forward to sunday!