14 September 2006


we leave in a month! w00t!

still need to get travel insurance, and need to find another place to stay in kemble because the place we booked is going on holidays or something, and need to get train tix there and back, and need to book accommodation in oxford, and need to plan a trip to see erin in glasgow, and STUFF! also write an itinerary, and do some more walking with our packs.

did some the other day - 1 hr to brunch, 1 hr back - and it was good. out packs totally rock. as do my shoes.

what else? i'm giving a presentation next wednesday at uni. not sure what i'm talking on, yet. trans road movies. possibly transamerica. possibly breakfast on pluto. anyway, it'll be good.

mum and dad are coming down next week for an appointment at peter mac regarding familial cancer. pretty much expecting to be told we'll all get breast cancer before we're 60. but i've always known that deep inside anyway. shit happens, hey? all the more reason to do as much stuff as we can as soon as possible!!!

our loungeroom is a mess because i've fallen face first into a new fandom (supernatural! yay! dean winchester is my idol. and sam winchester is also my idol. and their car is my idol, too!) and haven't had time between watching the entire season 1 (twice?), and keeping up with all the fanfic, and trying to do uni stuff, to actually clean the house. blah.

gotta go and eat now, because I'M STARVING!!!

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  1. howdy there travellers who are not currently but soon will be TRAVELLING again! What fun! I look forward to hearing more about the overseas stuff that I will probably NEVER see (& also all about the yummyness of all the fine cuisine too!)
    Have a great time guys.