22 September 2006


three weeks minus one day:

we bought some travel insurance online, and have started making up a vague itinerary. you know, things to look at each day of the walk. it was quite odd yesterday to think: three weeks! it's less time til we go than it is we'll be spending over there. crazy! since i loe lists and organisation, i'll soon write up a list of stuff for a practice-pack.

speaking of packs, has anyone had their bags plastic wrapped in the airport? because i'm thinking well have to do that, given our packs are so strappy and catch-on-able. so yeah, i wonder how much it will cost, or where the thing is in melbourne airport/heathrow.

still yet to book a place in oxford, but will get onto that tonight. also, book train tix both ways.

need to organise with erin what days to see her in glasgow and book tickets for that.

must go for more walks.

and then there's all the other things to do in everyday life. need to do them. and get a mail-holding thing. and organise someone to water our plants. and stuff.

yay! three weeks!

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