28 August 2006


we are always so busy. dan works monday to friday, i work friday and saturday. so our day together is sunday, which is often when other people want to meet up. i have about one meeting per week afer hours. i don't have time to cook yummy things. we don't have time to do shopping. but apart from that it's all good!

yesterday a get together was cancelled, and i decided not to go to a meeting that would have been really good to go to. instead, we cleaned the house up, had brunch at ceres, went to sydney road where i got some new clothes (bonds top and jumper, good for walking), dan had a snooze (we went to a housewarming on saturday night), and i made a delicious dish with a french name that is essentially scalloped potatoes with mushrooms. mmm, nutmeg and fresh organic cream! the day off was good for my sanity.

today i did a bit of work on a presentation i'm giving in a few weeks about recent 'trans' films - i was writing about TransAmerica. then went into carlton and met julia and esther for lunch (mmm, big harvest salads!) and coffee (in the place that no longer has the ORIGINAL mouth of truth), then went to the nova ($5 films! yay!) and watched Breakfast on Pluto, which is also a 'trans' film. good stuff.

now i'm eating toast with yum hummous on it. and dan made me a cup of tea. so that's our lives at the moment!!! looking forward to our holiday - only about 6 weeks away. must get some travel insurance soon.

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  1. $5 movies?!! $5 movies??!!! That's insanelycheap! That's like 2.97EUR!!! Nothing's that cheap here! Not even in Budapest, which isn't as cheap as I was expecting it to be...oh, the disappointment.

    I'm looking forward to good coffee and $5 movies...btw, I have almost finished the process of purchasing a ticket back to Melb (via the internet - laborious): Berlin - Heathrow - Hong Kong - Melb!!! I leave Berlin on 16 Oct and arrive at Heathrow at 8:35am where I have about a three and a half hour wait before hopping on my next plane. Feel like spending a few hours at Heathrow on 16 Oct...? Just kidding. Remember not to mention this on my blog though - the parents don't know yet. Although they may have their suspicions after Rae ended a comment by saying, "See you in Melbourne!"!!! They may be too 'vague' to figure it out though...