25 September 2006


well, at least 2 seasons, and it was within 3 hours, so that leaves plenty of time in the day for the other seasons to have a go.

when we left for our sunday walk, the sky was blue with a few grey clouds, and the same wind that's been giving people hayfever and colds and ear infections all week. but it wasn't cold at all, so we shouldered our packs and began the walk up to coburg lake reserve (it's about 2.5-3 km up the merri creek from ours). the walk up was nice, we sat down and had a cup of tea from the thermos and some tim tams. because, dammit, we walk in style! there was a wedding party across the water, and a bunch of angry moorhens, who progressed from squawking at each other to pecking each other as they swam past to waging full-on battle, fighting with their legs and claws. a nearby swan occasionally looked at them, then at us, and went back to gliding over the lake as if to say well, at least someone has some dignity around here.

we then got our packs back on and decided to head another 15-20 minutes up the creek, then turn back, have lunch on the other side of the lake and head home. we got about 5 minutes into this plan when the rainwind picked up - you know the one that slices through the warm smells of grass and suburb, brings the scent of stormclouds and sky whipping around you... and big splotty drops began to fall. and WE WERE PREPARED! we hid under an (entirely useless for shelter) eucalypt, donned our jackets, and broke out our waterproof bag-covers. dorks!

we decided to head home and have lunch when we got back... and started discussing how good it is that we finally got to walk in the rain, becuase we're pretty sure we'll have at least one wet day when we're hiking in england. and it was kind of nice to be all snug and dry inside my waterproofs (even my shoes are waterproof!) while the rain fell all around. the wedding party had disappeared by the time we waked past again (and that is why i will never get married!), and after about ten minutes of rain it started to hail!!! and that was good, too. very nice experience. we were proud of ourselves for having all our dorky supplies with us!

so, home, lunch... and then i felt the cold that was lurking around bust out with a vengeance! i sat on the couch for most of the afternoon feeling sicker and sicker. what an odd experience! usually i feel a little crap before i go to bed then wake up sick as a dog. or i go to bed fine and wake up ill. but i've never had the experience of falling ill (or the symptoms starting to show) in the early afternoon and feeling ratshit by 6pm. but anyway, i think it's just a cold, so i've taken some cold and flu tablets, dan has made me many a cup of lemon and honey drink, i ate lots of garlic, drank lots of water, and sucked on a throat lozenge. if i'm feeling worse tomorrow i'll go to the doctor, because i do not want an ear infection.

and here i was, just the other day, thinking how great it was that i hadn't been sick all winter!

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