3 April 2006


this morning we slept in. this is always a nice thing to do on a monday morning! even nicer was the fact that the sleep in was til 8am new time, so 9am old time. and i went to bed early last night. i am feeling well rested.

dan's wallet got stolen last week, which was annoying. by "stolen" i guess it's more "left behind and picked up by someone who didn't return it"... so he's been calling banks and medicare and vicroads and all that stuff to arrange new cards. we are yet to find out if metlink will give him a replacement metcard (monthly)... knowing how stingy they are, though, i doubt it.

autumn/winter has made itself known in melbourne, with temperatures NEAR FREEZING (by which i mean a top temperature of less than 15 degrees). our next door neighbour, from sri lanka, asked me if she would need to buy 2 heaters for her flat... which made me think of getting our heaters out, which made me realise that for the coldest bit of winter (july), we will be in our NEW HOUSE! grand.


  1. YOU STOLE MY HOUR! I want it back, in reasonably the same condition as when it left!
    Australia is like bizarro world! everything is opposite, and i LOVE it! (and yes, i am ethnocentrically assuming that my little world is the norm, so you can just let that argument be) :P
    And also, i like that you consider 15 cold! It was 8 yesterday, and i wore short pants to work! WEEEEEEE! No ice to fall on!

  2. freak. that's all i have to say. did you REALLY wear short pants, or are you pretending to be some tuff-nut who doesn't feel the ice at 8 degrees?