12 April 2006


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6 months late, but nonetheless, we present more PICTURES FROM SCOTLAND! Go on, have a butcher's - you know you want to...

In this update, there are pictures from Orkney, Skye, and Lismore, as well as a few randoms here and there, and some pictures of a bridge that was in the Harry Potter films. Click on Photo Album Number 2 to experience the joy of pix.


  1. Wow...amazing pictures! makes me (almost) wish i could get my ducks in a row and take off again! but alas, my ducks are scattered about, and i'm not even sure half of them are ducks at all anymore...

  2. Thanks for the piccies friends - late but still delightful. All the more so for Charlie and I as our travel plans have changed for the millionth time (!), but we seem to have come full circle and decided to live in...SCOTLAND after all (as per our original original plans)!! Edinburgh, in fact. So if all turns out as planned Julia and Erin may in fact be our neighbours!!! And you guys will be in the UK for Christmas, eh? So we can all share in the Christmas joy together!!! Ah, the love...

  3. oh joy!
    oh to have friends again
    (as tear rolls down my cheek)
    oh joy!
    (lets us start ourselves up a rival band to satan's bunnies mwahahaha..although we have no instruments)